Monday, December 13, 2010

"busted... by my butt"

M usually gives me a treat in the mornings as she is leaving for work. Kind of saying “thank you” for guarding the house while everyone is away…or just to get me excited about her leaving me all alone all day long…not sure which, but if a treat is involved…I am all for it! I’ll let M tell the story, take it away , M.

When I was getting ready to leave I went over to where I thought I had put out Jesse’s treat for the day and couldn’t see it anywhere. I am sometimes a little scattered and thought that I may have forgotten to get it out of the cabinet. So, I grabbed another special cookie and removed the wrapper, a sticky label, as Jesse impatiently waited.  I held it out and he immediately grabbed the cookie, turned away and trotted over to his “cookie blanket”. I gasped , when he turned, there stuck on his butt was the missing treat's wrapper, as plain as day. It shouted at me “got a second cookie, ha! ha! ha!”  (obviously he had stolen the first one off the counter- which he didn't even need to strain to do--Berners are big!)

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