Wednesday, December 15, 2010

great day-- geocaching

We had a great day. M slept in...actually she didn't get to bed until morning, working on her stuff, so S had a day off from his exercise walk. That left me to convince M when she got up that we needed to do some "Geocaching".
What's that you say?  
Geocaching is an increasingly popular, inclusive, fun and healthy pastime for individuals of all ages all over the world. The sport combines technology with adventure, a combination that some people didn't think was possible. The core of the sport consists of using a hand held GPS receiver unit to guide you to a destination, where a hidden container (or "cache") is stored. Once found, you log your visit in an included logbook, and optionally trade one of the many contained "goodies" for one of your own, or not. Its a modern day treasure hunt. You would be suprised what treasures are even in your own neighborhood. For more info..visit 

                                                                                               We found 3 treasure caches!!! (no bunnies though, think the "yoties" (coyotes) chased them out of the canyon before we got there. M got a new GPS unit that works great. Here is a pic of me on the lookout for "Muggles" those are non-geocachers.


  1. I love you Jessej because I love pets.

  2. Little did you know back then that you would become one of the best geodoggies in the world. If I could I would put my heart in one for you to find... oh wait, you already have it. LOL Snuggles my love XX