Monday, December 20, 2010

older sisters....ugh

did I mention that..."we".... have a cat? her name is Tiera.... but she goes by many names.... mine is
Tiera the Terrrrrrrrible. She thinks what's mine, is really hers. (that happens to be MY cookie place and MY bones) At only 9 lbs, I'll admit, she puts me in my place, but you should hear her hiss and's scary.
Secretly, I get my comeuppance and give her a good scare back with a surprise ponce when M isn't looking, ha!

It is still raining today, so all we did was a couple of  'road trips'; too wet to do any Bunny hunting.

I did get everyone up at midnight last night with a long slow 'howl' to the "yoties", who were having a small party in the canyon near my house. They carried on, not the usual found something woofs, this was serious business and I just had to let them know I was around to help if they needed.  I heard M & S still talking about it this evening. hehe~~

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  1. We don't have Yotties over here, but we do have Foxes. I will howl at the next one I see for you. Snuggles my love XXX
    I'm having fun here leaving you messages, it's like leaving you little love notes. XX