Monday, December 26, 2011

thank you auntie lois and the gang

WOW!! my buds the "therapy group's" pack leader- lois, always remembers me for christmas. and this year she loaded me down with bunches of new toys & treats....hers are always the best. when M came home with the package i bugged her until she let me open it....
   i got a new tote bag, made of recycled stuffed, we like being green. it has dogs all over it. i told M i want this to be my back-n-forth to colorado bag...since she left last year's "paw off" gift bag in colorado last summer.

look at all those toys and treats!!!!!

there is even a kit to make
 frozen treats, l love those

  and...and... a flying fish~~!!! 

thank you auntie lois
hunter, beau, ladybug & chance
you're the greatest.

other news~   S has been home this past week....yippie, and we have been do'n a bunch of budd'n around. M starts a new job tomorrow...yep she's out of the Emergency Room and go'n to take a little easier "desk" job. and... best part her hours are chang'n and we get more time for longer walkies- (she'll need to burn off that sit'n around)  and me too... i've gained a little bit of weight with all the treats lately. 
 hope everyone has a woof'n terrific week and happy new years!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

happy holidays to everyone!!!

this is what "berners" do for Christmas

dad & mom in Missouri
 me.... i'm looking forward to those prime-rib bones after M & S have their supper....
yum, i can't wait

Sunday, December 11, 2011

a woof'n end to my birthday week

Fizz thought flying my pressie to me

first let me tell you the best gift was a "dream bone" from my best friend Fizz- she sent it to me by "thought mail" and it was the tastiest one i have ever had. thank you Fizz!

buffalo, mashed potato frosting, carrot candle

i was a little sad on wednesday, my birthday, because M & S had to work...but my sadness zipped away when M gave me my birthday cupcake. yummmmmm! M headed out the door i got another "bully stick" treat... okay i can live with that. when S got home we played our usual game of  "hideNseek" guess where i hid...

then nature's gift to me was a full moon this weekend...i love walking in the middle of the night --- moon walkies---- and i had several. sunday morn'n we ended my birthday week with a moonwalk at yorba park, it was great i was able to find 3 bunnies, the first one i chased into the ranger's fenced area...humph. the second i chased under the dock at the pond...i had to get in the water to make sure he was okay. number three i chased clear around the storage barn...that guy was a real runner gave me a chase for my day.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

kicking off my birthday week- woof

wahoo.... everyone this is an exciting weekend. wednesday is my 7th birthday and according to tradition if your birthday lands in the middle of the's all week long- including both weekends. woof! it's toys and joys for this birthday boy!!!!

prime chore this saturday... go to....
it's where the birthday boys go.... 

come on guys let's get going....

S, i got your shoes.....

finally we make it to Petco...
hurry S...let's get inside

wow!!!! can i get a new kitty
please, please,please....

 sorry kitties, your sis is enough for one house

okay, but.....

i can choose ANYTHING in this isle....anything?        awesome.

when i got home i told bunny all about the toys
 and treats while i chewed on my new birthday bone.

and i know there's more to come because
 i saw all the bags of goodies M had when we got  home.

i'll keep you posted on my birthday events... wish you all were here to celebrate with me.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

i'm a work'n dog~ fun video of me

hello everyone, last week was a busy week for me. lots of walkies, bunnie hunts, and...of course busy bringing in the groceries. M's computer "bit-the-dust" and i wasn't able to get on and let everyone know i wished them a happy thanksgiving...even my overseas friends. you don't know what your miss'n with all the turkey-cooking smells all day long~ woof, and got lots of treats too. M and S did get a chance...after months of me ask'n... to film a moment of the most important job i have... bring'n in the groceries. here is a short video, and with M's new computer...there will be more to come- hope you enjoy. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

lookie what fizz's mummy did

woke up this morn'n to some sunshine....woof~ not sure what M & S have planned; really hope it involves me-  but the best part..... lookie what Fizz's mummy did for me!!!! she got this new program and has been making paintings from photographs...isn't it great? M printed it and put it on her desk.

Fizz, tell your mummy- thank you!
don't forget to visit Fizz's blog-it's fun too.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

is rain spelled..... b - o - r - i -n - g

it's been rain'n allllllldaaaaayyyyyy-
M, i think i just died of boredom?

Friday, November 4, 2011

geo-doggin day- yea!

the Geo-bag- things we need
hello my buds everywhere... friday i woke to a stormy morn'n. knew the rain was going to make it a boring day, even though M and S took me for a short jaunt on cottontail rd- got to get those durn grass eat'n rabbits.

then i spotted the "geodog" bag... i kept a low profile, couldn't believe it possible, i know M promised....but it was pour'n boys and girls outside. i kept my paws crossed as M did some morn'n chores, we went to the grocery store...i have to carry in all the bags when we get home. then, when i least expected it i saw the "bag" in one of M's hands and my collar in the other....i dashed outside and looked up into a cloudy but dry sky....woof! woof! woof! there is a berner god!

off we headed to deer creek canyon, there were some new caches there we heard about and one that M and i have been trying to find for a long while. i felt lucky today...the rain stopped and i am off Geo-doggin. it was cool and beautiful, everything damp, not many smells, but clean and crisp.

can you see me in the bushes?
we headed to the elusive cache first and after a long while--i finally spotted it and waited until M saw it too. it was a fun and very clever hide- we peeked into the treasure box, left behind a paw print and tree of life charm that is our token.

sometimes it takes M so long to find the treasure that i get bored and have to chew on the geostick M uses to poke around in the bushes.

just as we found the second geocache we felt the drops begin. the sky was getting dark, so we both decided to head home, two finds were better than none.

by the time we got home we were soaked. after M dried me off we got to play one of my favorite games ...

where's jesse.....

there's jesse...... we found him

          i love days like this...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

hike'n, bunnies, and bees

whew! Halloween is done and gone and didn't have to guard the door either... all the neighborhood kiddies went to a special place to celebrate~ this made S especially happy too. (S is not much into kids bang'n on his door)

 last weekend we headed off to hike in Santiago Oaks. i had been there once last summer and it was way too hot for me then, but sunday it was great. i even found a wonderful pool to swim in...well, at least until my feet couldn't touch any more...headed back into shallower waters. M laughed and said "there goes your glow in the dark and tiffany's great bath."  M calls my white fur the "glow in the dark" because that is how she sees me when we walk in the dawning light of the mornings.

the best part of the hike was of course the BUNNIES...and there were bunches and bunches, i counted eight before i even got out of the car and quickly lost count on the trail. 

we also found a wonderful beehive hidden in the crevice of some boulders-- at the first glance we thought it was a snake skin hang'n down, holy ratt'lr, we've been down that route before, but with some careful inspection we saw it was a beehive. M and i love bees and watch for them when hiking, we are worried about colony collapse disorder and get excited when we see them in the wild.

next adventure... M promises that we are go'n geo-doggin this week....
woof-woof i love hunt'n for those caches.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

just plain fun stuff

first a riddle.....
what happens when a COLD NOSE meets a kitty butt?
my sis "the cat" at her best- 

good day to all- i have had some really fun days since last checking in here.

a visit to Tiffany...
i do so love Tiffany and her baths.

play'n in the plark and this morning it
was so foggy we were able to sneak
up on those bunnies!

i'm a berner out for fun
chase'n those bunnies i'm number one
see thier hopp'n bunnie trails
but what i chase is their little white tails

been do'n some heavy bone work too

have a safe and happy
halloween everyone!