Sunday, January 30, 2011

sit'n with cynthia

 i had great weekend, M & S had to go to so somewhere for a couple of days. usually i go the DogHotel at Yorba Regional, but this time i got to have the "best" lady ever to take care of me. She took me on long walks, gave me treats, hugs and kisses too. it was the best!! she even took care big sis....yea that cat; she took care of tiera and the fish last summer when I went to colorado.

so tell your pack leaders to call Cynthia @ Pet Sitting with Cynthia next time you hear them mention...go'n to the hotel.    

here are some pics to show how much fun she is...

we went for long walks, smelled the flowers, i told her all my secrets about bunnies...i had a great time~


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

M and i went to the plark...two days in a row; i had so much fun and most of my buddies were there. hang'n with the humans is great, but a dog has got to have his buddies too. here are some great pics that M got, and she even was able to get some of Peanut and Dakota to put on the "plark buddies" page.

got my toys out, wait'n for my buds
here they come...
hey guys guess what i found
ok jess, hand over that duck now, i gotcha

M...jesse's not play'n fair
ok,ok i won't eat the bunny poop mom

let's not forget banner when hand'n out the cookies.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

hello Nala,

look out there's a new girl in town...

and she goes by... Nala.. 

"hello Nala, well, hello Nala, it's so nice to meet the sweetest gal in town...Nala"
(to the tune of Hello Dolly)

(sigh)  M, i think i'm in love.....

you can see more pictures of Nala in my "buds" folder; and she promises to tell us about all her adventures.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

holy milk bones !

...... last night's Full Moon brought out the bunnies this morning. was up at 3:40... M & S said it was too early, but I knew we needed to hit the them moving a little while later. there were so many bunnies that we lost count after...
and let's not forget that with all that in  
's as well.

thank you moon goddess,
home taking a well deserved nap
until next time have a great day~

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

gearing up for the full moon

today's morning walk was filled with a bright, but not quite full, moon. tomorrow should bring bunnies galore....and lots of bunny bushing. bunnies like full moons, so i gotta rest up today for the big event. didn't have too shabby of a morning though--

Saturday, January 15, 2011

play'n in the plark

we went to the plark yesterday, i needed to play with my new toy, "the flying duck" that my friend Lois gave me for Christmas (she is the leader of the therapy group.) Tessie and Banner were there and we had loads of fun. got my exercise today...that'a for sure. M & S, well, let's say they have been slacking; but Sunday i'll insist we do our before sunrise power-walk.

                       my bow-wow bag, for all my plark needs               i ran to greet leslie and tessie...yippie

Monday, January 10, 2011

geo-doggin day

woof'n news~ finally got M to go geo-doggin with me. went to deer creek canyon near our den. found 2 treasure boxes. i found one all on my own, even before M, i smelled it a mile away- don't need no GPS for this geodog. felt good to be sitt'n there when M finally made it up the steep hill. also got to play in the waterfall from a seasonal spring that is down in the canyon.

and guess what else i got to play with:
yep, the canyon was full of "toys for this boy"

X 4

this was a great day!!!  

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

and all the way from England

I have a couple of Colorado friends, Skye and Molly, and they have TWO new sisters...all the way from England. Their pack leader, Eileen, flew there to visit and look what came home in the suitcase. I can't wait until I get to our ranch in Colorado this summer so I can meet Echo & Penny. Here are some pics they sent for me, see more great pictures in my 'colorado buddies' folder.

Hi there, I'm Echo

and I'm Penny

where's my buddies

Skye is my buddy.

not so sure about Molly

whadya find Skye?

 best way to end the day is a good game of chase

bye Jesse, see you in the summer

Saturday, January 1, 2011

where did 2010 go?

humm, that year went by as fast as a bunny can hop across the field. I'll have to pay more attention in 2011
Happy New Years