Wednesday, January 5, 2011

and all the way from England

I have a couple of Colorado friends, Skye and Molly, and they have TWO new sisters...all the way from England. Their pack leader, Eileen, flew there to visit and look what came home in the suitcase. I can't wait until I get to our ranch in Colorado this summer so I can meet Echo & Penny. Here are some pics they sent for me, see more great pictures in my 'colorado buddies' folder.

Hi there, I'm Echo

and I'm Penny

where's my buddies

Skye is my buddy.

not so sure about Molly

whadya find Skye?

 best way to end the day is a good game of chase

bye Jesse, see you in the summer

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  1. New friends from England. Wish I could come over & visit you. Licks, snuggles and lots of love XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX