Monday, January 10, 2011

geo-doggin day

woof'n news~ finally got M to go geo-doggin with me. went to deer creek canyon near our den. found 2 treasure boxes. i found one all on my own, even before M, i smelled it a mile away- don't need no GPS for this geodog. felt good to be sitt'n there when M finally made it up the steep hill. also got to play in the waterfall from a seasonal spring that is down in the canyon.

and guess what else i got to play with:
yep, the canyon was full of "toys for this boy"

X 4

this was a great day!!!  


  1. Hi Jesse! Oh my, what a wonderful group of friends you have! Not that I'm surprised. You're a wonderful pal. And soooo helpful! Thank you for bringing my purse in today. I couldn't have done it without you!!
    Love you! XOXO Auntie Cynthia

  2. Wow, that spring looks pawsome! And lots of bunnies to chase too. What a great place to be. You really are the best. XX