Thursday, February 24, 2011

bath by Tiffany

M slipped on my collar this morning and grabbed her keys... ROAD TRIP!!! woof-woof-woof...
then ~ holy bunnie poop, we arrive at Dr. So's office.
"i thought we were going to the plark and see my buds, what's this?" i asked M.
           .....then, i saw her....the best groomer in town....Tiffany... nobody can say no to her bright smile.

"okay Tiffany, i'm ready"

 "ahhhh- that feels delicious..."

             the new "h-do"

don't show this to the bunnies, they'll think i've gone rabbit rabid...ha!

and finally, the "toweling"


                ....look what a terrific pawdicure she gave me too!

thank you Tiffany !!!
& everyone else at the Anaheim Canyon Animal Hospital ~ 714-637-1000 

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  1. WOW...a dog that LIKES a bath! You truly are something special, Jesse!!! :)