Sunday, March 27, 2011

favorite pictures and not so favorite moments

since it has been a rather quiet week and we decided to take it easy this weekend, i thought it would be fun to display some of my favorite pictures.

my first snow - san gorgonio wilderness

 S and me                                                   buds walk'n the trail                                      M and me

not so favorite moments...

hurt my elbow while hiking a couple of years ago *worst part, tore the cruciate in my opposite knee while wearing this cast, M couldn't bear to take a picture of that casting.

when i have to stay at yorba doggie hotel....least i have my stuffed bunnie

Thursday, March 24, 2011

morning's stroll had an "uic"

good morning everyone, just came back from an early stroll with M. i hadn't been out in several days due to the rains, M getting the sniffles, ~ i guess if you can't smell anything what's the use of going out on a sniff. i was fantastic, but we have to think of M too. Anyhow, she rolled herself out of the warm bed and into lots and lots of warm clothes and off we went. it didn't feel cold to me, but i have fur. which has always confused me why humans don't have fur, then they wouldn't ever get cold. hummm.

the stroll was a success....

 and as we were coming home i heard a rustle in the bushes on the hill and called out to M.... "crite!" i lifted my nose for a good sniff and hollard out "uic" and charged up the hill. after a long investigation, i called it quits, left my mark and headed home with M.  
   have a wonderful day....

Monday, March 21, 2011

new buddies born in Colorado

just got am email from my equine friends in Colorado, they are having a terrific year for foals. 3 already and really cute. i can't wait to get out there and give them a hardy welcome from our ranch and of course get a good sniff of their 'horsey droppings' hahahah! it's fun to roll in, honest, i keep telling M and S to try it.

Durham - 6 day old

mom- High Spirit

Derby - 5 days old

with mom - Whisper

Chelsa - 36 hours old

with mom  Zilla

welcome my little friends, i hope to see you this summer. maybe your moms will let you graze in our paddock and i can show you neat things from a berner's view.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

nose to nose with a "ratt'lr"... holy diamond back

deciding to find a new smells and new trails, i got out my favorite book..."best hikes with dogs" and convinced M and S that we needed a long hike to get back into shape from our winter jaunts. S found a great trail in the Cleveland National Forest, not too far from our home. packed up our hiking gear and off we headed toward Lake Elsinore, we've never been there before. M got excited to find that there were "geocaches" all over those hills. saddly, when we arrived...she had forgotten to up-load the gps coordinates from the geocache website.. "it''s okay M, we'll be back."

with M and S carrying our lunches and the other goods, i went bare back... and was able to just sniff and enjoy the trail.

the canyon was beautiful, winding through cottonwoods, elders, oaks, and lots of shade as it followed San Jaun Creek, i was able to get plenty of water and cool off the paws.

we began to climb out of the canyon into hillsides full of sage brush and rocks. that is when it happened....
M saw a little side trail area that looked to have some cool shade and grass. it also had several large boulders with cracks and crevices. just as i was looking around ready to find a place to settle....i heard a sound...we all heard a "the" sound. i saw something curled in the crack just a nose length from me, i was going to give it a good sniff...then i hear S shouting "jesse no!" and M scream out "jess here!" the sound of their voices made the hairs on my neck rise right up. i turned away and headed to M who could only mutter, "not good jesse, not good," i think she was a little in shock. i've heard that "sssttttsstt" many times in the "yotie's" canyon, just wanted to see what always made that sound, it was right here, i only had to move about a foot closer. oh well, i think maybe it wasn't good since M and S are still talking about it with gasping breath.  

I was sure glad to have this stream on the way back to the car... ooo, that feels good, a little cold on the more sensitive areas... ha!

rattlesnake vaccinations? M and Dr. So. believe that if you are at a super high risk it won't harm you to get one, otherwise they feel to wait until the need. here is a q & a website that can answer some questions your pack leader may have about the vaccine and another article about bites in general.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

in the canyon

M and i took the morning off from our chores (bunny bushing) and greeted the sunrise in the canyon.... which also means we gotta find one of the geocaches we've been saving for a beautiful day just like this one. Had a great time--

"Geodog" did it again, found the cache we were looking for and also found this beautiful view...
another perk of geo-doggin.
trees are blooming, bees are gathering nectar... can only mean that spring is here... and that means more hiking, camping, road trips to fun places. yeah!

one of M's friends...the yoties, passed us; most likely on her way to her den to rest after a long night of hunting and doing "yotie things". we sat quietly and waited, did not want to disturb her-- this canyon is her home and we are guests.

isn't she beautiful?

there is a wonderful grassy area at the entrance to the canyon, great place to rest in the shade before heading home.     

ahhhh, cool water, thanks M

have a terrific day, see you soon