Wednesday, March 2, 2011

in the canyon

M and i took the morning off from our chores (bunny bushing) and greeted the sunrise in the canyon.... which also means we gotta find one of the geocaches we've been saving for a beautiful day just like this one. Had a great time--

"Geodog" did it again, found the cache we were looking for and also found this beautiful view...
another perk of geo-doggin.
trees are blooming, bees are gathering nectar... can only mean that spring is here... and that means more hiking, camping, road trips to fun places. yeah!

one of M's friends...the yoties, passed us; most likely on her way to her den to rest after a long night of hunting and doing "yotie things". we sat quietly and waited, did not want to disturb her-- this canyon is her home and we are guests.

isn't she beautiful?

there is a wonderful grassy area at the entrance to the canyon, great place to rest in the shade before heading home.     

ahhhh, cool water, thanks M

have a terrific day, see you soon

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