Thursday, March 24, 2011

morning's stroll had an "uic"

good morning everyone, just came back from an early stroll with M. i hadn't been out in several days due to the rains, M getting the sniffles, ~ i guess if you can't smell anything what's the use of going out on a sniff. i was fantastic, but we have to think of M too. Anyhow, she rolled herself out of the warm bed and into lots and lots of warm clothes and off we went. it didn't feel cold to me, but i have fur. which has always confused me why humans don't have fur, then they wouldn't ever get cold. hummm.

the stroll was a success....

 and as we were coming home i heard a rustle in the bushes on the hill and called out to M.... "crite!" i lifted my nose for a good sniff and hollard out "uic" and charged up the hill. after a long investigation, i called it quits, left my mark and headed home with M.  
   have a wonderful day....

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