Friday, April 8, 2011

feeling a little blu

"geeeze... M, i'm in enough pain, do ya gotta take pictures too? oh, well, if you must, go ahead and let me put it on BernerTails". notice that i am so sad than i really am blue... M assures me it is because i have black fur. (please don't show this to the bunnies, it will be like that travelers commercial where they laugh at the rattl'r with the baby rattle tail.)

hi everyone, had my surgery yesterday. knew something was up when wednesday night M pulled up all my food and treats. then, no food thursday morning, and when i thought we were going for a "road trip", we pulled up at anaheim canyon animal hospital. bummer!!! 
even Tiffiany's bright smile didn't cheer me up. 

all went well with the TTA (tibial tuberosity advancement) surgery. i had a rough night last night, M stayed up with me all night long to make sure i was okay and had some pain pills when i needed them. feeling a little better this morning. had to pee like an elephant though...ha!  gotta get back to sleeping so i can heal real fast and get back to the real life of a berner.

thank you newman & K for your "get well wishes", looking forward to seeing you soon.

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