Tuesday, April 19, 2011

green paws for Earth Day

hi there my friends, i have been doing great. i'm actually getting some hair growing back on my leg, yeah!

Earth Day is coming up on friday, march 22nd. and yes, we dogs can be conscious of our 'green paw prints' too. here are some great ideas to tell your pack leaders about from the Canines for Earth Day:

6 things you can do to celebrate Earth Day, every day

1. Cut down on waste that takes space and switch to biodegradable poop bags. The bags decompose in about the same amount of time as an apple. 

2. Overpopulation, and consequently euthanization, is the #1 killer of dogs in this country. Visit your local shelter and adopt, or volunteer with a rescue group to help as many dogs in need find great forever homes. 
       ***don’t buy from Pet Stores or Puppy Mill Breeders!!!***

3. Old blankets and sheets may seem like junk to you, but to the dogs at your local shelter, they are beds and comfort. Instead of trashing your old linens and towels, donate them to your local shelter.

4. Old socks with missing pairs? Make a dog toy out of it! Recycling household products and making dog toys is a great way to re-use, rather than consume. Plus, dog toys sold at pet stores can be expensive and wasteful of our planet’s resources. 

5. Instead of driving to the dog park, how about rollerblading, biking or just walking instead? It’s more exercise and time for you and your dog to spend together, and it’s not using fossil fuels or spewing greenhouse gases into the air.

6. Check your household cleaning products and make sure you’re using ones that are chemical-free and therefore, not contributing to harmful runoff into our ground and water sources.

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