Friday, April 29, 2011

sunny april morn

       it's was such a beautiful spring morning that M couldn't resist letting me have my "gloomstopper" treat ball outside. my knee is getting better and better every day, i even got to help escort the garbage bucket to the curb...oh yes, the chores are coming back.
     then, while M was cleaning house i gathered all my "indoor" buds and had a small party on the patio-- M was surprised to find us out there.. with a laugh she grabbed the camera and we had a group photo.

dia kitty- bunny hunter 1982
      i do have to say i am having a very difficult time not being the brink of insanity... i have even been associating with my sis, Tiera, "the cat."  
     she told me about a cat that M & S had a long time ago that was an avid "bunny hunter" and would catch small rabbits and bring them into the backyard for the dogs to play with and chase...what a great cat!! a true living "bunny hunter".  i would have loved to meet her. when i asked M about her, she showed me a picture, her name was Euripidia, after Euripides, a philosopher M liked, but they called her "Dia Kitty." 

wow~a bunny hunting kitty, my kind of cat!

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