Monday, April 4, 2011

taking a LOA-

injured, not just my pride, but my knee as well. i had been limping a little after our bunnie hunts. M took me down to see Dr So, where he gave me a "mickie" that knocked me out cold. then, he took xrays of my hips and knees. and... they found that i  have injured my knee. a couple of years ago i tore my cruciate ligament in my right knee (i think i mentioned it last post) and it has taken its toll on my good knee. Which M says is common that after one knee needs to be repaired the other weakens and has to be fixed as well. So, here i am, getting ready to have surgery this week and will be out of commission for a while. M assured me that the bunnies have all sent wishes of a quick recovery. bunnies are such great little creatures. oh well, i had planned on leaving them alone to do their easter egg hides for the neighborhood basket hunters on easter.

As far as getting the mail, carrying in the groceries, their lunch bags… 
M and S will just have to get along without me for a few weeks. 

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