Sunday, May 15, 2011

stormy weather in california, snow in colorado--oh my!

i am not complaining about the weather, we need the moisture and since i am still incapacitated.... guess now is the best time to have it stormy. i did sneak up the stairs and woke M with a big kiss, i could see she wasn't real happy i got past the barrier and climbed the stairs, but she let me have a sniff around and check my upstairs chews and toys before carefully heading me down the stairs. i keep telling them i'm okay now, but M says no.

also, got an email from the CO-cuties... it SNOWED last wednesday, can you believe that! they had their Pack Leader - E, take some more pictures. i am so envious, but i will be out there soon...liv'n  the life.

 play'n in the pond 
in the snow---wow!

caught in a May white-out
good thing they have spots

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