Saturday, May 28, 2011

talking longer walks & finding a pet charity

good day to everyone. life is getting back to normal...slightly. M took me on one of our standard walks, the "CottonTail" loop. i'm still on my leash, but we got to see a couple of bunnies hopping around. i left them be, there is always tomorrow. ha! as we were walking a neighbor asked M what kind of charity would she recommend, their daughter has a summer project for school and she loves animals. Here is what M had to say, thought you might be interested too.

Finding a pet charity
Kodiak of Cripple Creek 1985

Not sure which charity is right for you? Try going online. Websites like  can help you evaluate charities and make an informed decision.
Don’t know where to find local pet charities? Ask friends and colleagues for recommendations. Also, consult your local chamber of commerce. They should be able to provide you with a list of local pet shelters or other pet-related volunteer opportunities.
 Donate supplies
Call your area pet shelter or organization to find out what items they need most. Basic items such as dog and cat food, cat litter, blankets or pet beds and toys are usually in high demand. Also consider non-obvious items such as laundry detergent, brooms and garbage bags that kennel staff can use daily. Many PetCo stores accept old blankets, towels, and pillows for your local rescue organizations. “Blankets for Buddies,”  is my favorite.
Donate time
Sometimes, what many local pet shelters and organizations need most are volunteers. Consider donating your time to help bathe dogs or clean their kennels, change cat litter boxes, wash blankets or simply play with the animals.
Do your research
It’s important to thoroughly research any organization you donate your time or money to, and examine how they use your funds to support their cause. There are lots of great organizations out there, so kudos to you for wanting to do more!

 news flash--sunday 5-29--news flash

M let me go "up the stairs" today-- woof-woof!! life is returning

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