Saturday, June 18, 2011

bunnies, baths, and Newman too.

excellent morning everyone, i have gone on all my "bunnie hunt" routes this week, and wow there a lot of baby bunnies hopping all around, didn't know which way to turn first. although, i am still holding back on any chases until my knee get stronger.

the best day was last wednesday when who did i meet up with on bunnie road?.... my good friend- and no longer little puppy-- Newman. he is huge and M says has become quite beautiful. he told me all about his recent days of swimming in a friend's pool and how much he loves water. this is a picture of him just out of the water....

i'm not a real fan of "deep water" swimming. when i was just a small puppy chasing some ducks i jumped into one of the little lakes at yorba park and nearly drowned until i figured out how to paddle to the shore. it scared the bajebees out of me and ever since if i can't touch my toes to the bottom... i'm not having fun.

 M was doing her macho spring cleaning thing....boring.... and she took one look at me and said "okay pooch, i think you need a trip to see Tiffany." Woof-woof-bark-bark.... i love Tiffany and i was a bit groady from just laying around after my surgery. especially only being able to sleep on one side for a while. Tiffany did a nice job getting those matts out of my fur and i got a break from having to watch M cleaning.

total bunny count for the week !!!!
watch out guys...jesse's back in town!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

freedom-- back on the road again

finally!!! woof-woof, bark! my incarceration and housebound life is over~
M took me down and had my knee's perfect... and this weekend my sedentary lifestyle began to change.

1st of all the barrier to the marble was lifted and got to stretch out on the cool floor. next, i got to go upstairs to my favorite sleeping spot, on M's side of the bed. all barriers are down.

Then, this morning i saw the "moose" shirt, the sweatshirt M wears when we are going on a W. that could only mean "walkies!!!" and the best part was being able to take a "free thinker's" W (off leash walk.) we went down into the canyon on the horse of my favorites. M & S saw 2 bunnies, they didn't say anything to me about it, but, i could smell bunnies as we passed the area where they had been. it's okay, don't much feel like running yet, so i left my "calling card" all over just to let the little guys know...."i'm back"!

had a little rest before we headed home.
it was a fantastic day.

**a little about the "moose" shirt. M wears it because a friend, Jay, nicknamed me the "da moose" when i was a puppy. he still calls me that and when M saw that sweatshirt she knew it was made for our "W's". 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

what has the world become...

a friend of M's sent her a picture of a new pet they got. i was excited, i love meeting new friends, but when M showed me the picture i nearly lost it all. what has the world come to....

(despite what my dog brain thinks, this little guy is kind of cute! )

      how can it hop away when i chase it?

-now let me show you what real bunnies look like-

 here are a few pictures M has in my conquest file-  check out the jackrabbit, now that guy gave a great chase...they go like the wind.- whoosh.

me out in the woods look'n for them mountain rabbits.