Saturday, June 18, 2011

bunnies, baths, and Newman too.

excellent morning everyone, i have gone on all my "bunnie hunt" routes this week, and wow there a lot of baby bunnies hopping all around, didn't know which way to turn first. although, i am still holding back on any chases until my knee get stronger.

the best day was last wednesday when who did i meet up with on bunnie road?.... my good friend- and no longer little puppy-- Newman. he is huge and M says has become quite beautiful. he told me all about his recent days of swimming in a friend's pool and how much he loves water. this is a picture of him just out of the water....

i'm not a real fan of "deep water" swimming. when i was just a small puppy chasing some ducks i jumped into one of the little lakes at yorba park and nearly drowned until i figured out how to paddle to the shore. it scared the bajebees out of me and ever since if i can't touch my toes to the bottom... i'm not having fun.

 M was doing her macho spring cleaning thing....boring.... and she took one look at me and said "okay pooch, i think you need a trip to see Tiffany." Woof-woof-bark-bark.... i love Tiffany and i was a bit groady from just laying around after my surgery. especially only being able to sleep on one side for a while. Tiffany did a nice job getting those matts out of my fur and i got a break from having to watch M cleaning.

total bunny count for the week !!!!
watch out guys...jesse's back in town!

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  1. Ooo! I did exactly the same at our lakes, chased a duck and the ground just dissapeared beneath my feet. I can't swim at all, mummy had to jump in and drag me out. XX