Tuesday, July 26, 2011

all packed and ready to go.....

 i'm packed and ready to go.  M?  S?   what's the hold up?

............"sorry Jess, you got a couple more days yet."

 humm, wonder if M would know if i sampled one of those
 "road trip" cookies while i wait; they smell sooooooo good!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

squirrely sunday

      goodmorning everyone, it is almost time to head off to colorado, i am so excited, we leave next Sat...
one week away, 7 days, how can a berner wait?

     well, one way is to get M & S out of bed at 5:00 am this morning, wait for starbuck's coffee to open and head off to the plark. S surprised me by passing our standard "plark" and heading down the road to the "real" park- aka: yorba regional.
     he sometimes has a "dog's sense" because when we arrived it was critter's galore-- geese families, duck families, and squirrels...more than i have ever seen ! they were everywhere ~

 what i need to know is how in the heck do they climb those trees. i tried and it looked impossible....have to ask the "cat", Tiera, later, i've seen her climb the birch in M's garden.

  next, the geese and ducks were fun to watch swimming around in the small lakes that are scattered around the park. S even spotted a tinsey-winsey baby lizard.

the chase.....

Sunday, July 10, 2011

a busy weekend with a surprise moment of play

saturday & sunday i helped M & S plan our road trip to the ranch in Colorado......
 woof, woof, bark, hoooooowl!
i can't wait, i made sure M got everything on her list that i need to take and a little extra too. treats and toys for my colorado "gal pals" Echo, Penny, Molly, and Skye. 

then when we were out shopping for some things we needed we passed the plark and what did i see but some of my buds out and about. after some intense barking, S finally pulled into the parking lot and i got to say a quick hello. met a new bud named Izzy, he was great at chasing a frisbee. Banner and I got to play with the plark-duck with a little tug-n-pull that we haven't done in ages and ages. no bunnies, but that's okay just seeing my buds and their pack leaders was enough for me. here's a picture of S with a couple of the pack leaders...M, of course is behind the lens...as usual.

Tess and Izzy

Banner stealing the plark-duck

dexter and little sis... molly
and my favorite shot of the day is a tender moment between Tosha and her pack leader C

Sunday, July 3, 2011

a visit to the plark, a new bud, and gift baskets too.

it has been very busy time for M and S, but i have been getting out and doing my morning "bunny hunts" with lots of success and fun. we went this morning for our weekly "starbucks & plark play" and the plark had hundreds and i mean hundreds of bunnies just grazing on that delicious grass. i didn't know which way to turn there were so many.  M brought my plark bag with my duck toy. i got to meet a new bud, her name was Bella, she is a beautiful Auzzie Shepard, with the most outstanding lite-grey eyes. M didn't have our camera, so we will have to get a picture of her later.
i wanted to let all my buds and Pack Leaders know about a terrific site we found for gifts. we sent off a new puppy basket to a friend, i can't wait to see how he likes all the toys and treats. the basket will be great for his pack leader, Martha, too.

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