Tuesday, July 26, 2011

all packed and ready to go.....

 i'm packed and ready to go.  M?  S?   what's the hold up?

............"sorry Jess, you got a couple more days yet."

 humm, wonder if M would know if i sampled one of those
 "road trip" cookies while i wait; they smell sooooooo good!


  1. Wow how did you manage to pack so neatly. My bags always look a mess. I think I try to put too much in and then I realise the biscuits are on the bottom and have to take it all out again so I can get to them. Then it's pack all over again.

    1. this is the best day of my blogging history, the day i found my queen~ just look at her picture, ahhhh i knew i was in love!!!!

  2. hahaha, I do that too. it took three tries to get it all in there. :) thanks for the comment!!! M