Sunday, July 24, 2011

squirrely sunday

      goodmorning everyone, it is almost time to head off to colorado, i am so excited, we leave next Sat...
one week away, 7 days, how can a berner wait?

     well, one way is to get M & S out of bed at 5:00 am this morning, wait for starbuck's coffee to open and head off to the plark. S surprised me by passing our standard "plark" and heading down the road to the "real" park- aka: yorba regional.
     he sometimes has a "dog's sense" because when we arrived it was critter's galore-- geese families, duck families, and squirrels...more than i have ever seen ! they were everywhere ~

 what i need to know is how in the heck do they climb those trees. i tried and it looked impossible....have to ask the "cat", Tiera, later, i've seen her climb the birch in M's garden.

  next, the geese and ducks were fun to watch swimming around in the small lakes that are scattered around the park. S even spotted a tinsey-winsey baby lizard.

the chase.....

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