Sunday, August 28, 2011

living free- being me

the best part of being on the ranch is just being me.

while M & S did what they needed to do to the ranch, i got to be a "free thinker" as M calls it~ all on my own, no leashes, no fences, my own dog. i laid back and enjoyed the views, watched for "crites" (critters) chased more than my share of rabbits~ and i mean rabbits, 3 and 4 pounders, not like the anaheim hills bunnies of california, real rabbits!

we went on long hikes, i just hung out on flat rock and took in the beauty of the land and nature. i could stay there for the rest of my life and be a "happy pooch."

i suddenly realized that this is
                                      "living free." 

one warm afternoon when we passed the little pond near M's fairy meadow i couldn't resist venturing in.... ewwwwe-- it may have been cool but the silt on the bottom was knee-high- i nearly got stuck and the worst part was that i had endure the.......

"swamp dog" name and jokes for nearly 3 days afterwards.

M made me stay outside until i dried off and she could brush away all the muck- when i finally was able to go inside, bunny understood, he didn't care if i smelled a little "swampy," he still loved me.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

more colorado fun~ visiting the girls

the next day, after getting settled in, we headed over the the T & V Stables to visit Skye & Mollie, and of course the two new girls i hadn't met yet... Echo & Penny.
they were a little shocked at my size, but i assured them that i was a canine and not a horse. molly and skye stood off to the side so i could let the younger girls get to know me. then we all gathered and had a fun greet and meet moment before heading off the see some of the horses.

the first i wanted to see CrocodileHunter, he is the king stud and a World Champion. he told me all about the new fence that Jim just built for his corral, he was rather proud.

next, jim took all of us over to the to see the foals and geldings. M, of course was the most excited. i think these two little guys weren't sure if i was a horse or a dog, after a while i just ignored them and let their mothers explain it.

then, it was time to go and Echo gave me a big kiss while Penny jumped in the car and hollard out to Eileen that she was going back to the ranch with us. M laughed and scooted her out of the car. we did get to see them almost everyday when Eileen came over to feed the two mares that are grazing at the ranch.
stay tuned for more adventures ~ bunnies bunnies and more bunnies

Thursday, August 11, 2011

we're back ~ & got lots of pics too

hey everyone, we're back from colorado. had a woof'n time. saw lots of critters, got to meet Penny & Echo, see Skye and Mollie, and took a trip over to their pack leader's horse ranch. so, over the next couple of weeks i'll be posting all my adventures. check back often~

to start.... the road trip there took us 2 days....

3:00 am sat 7-31 (p.s. that was M's birthday)

"hey guys, i'm ready,
 it's time to go...."

"in Utah, M needed a rest stop for a micro power nap.... i need some cool water and a huge pee!"

"finally at 7:35 pm (6:35 ca time) we arrive at the Hotel Colorado in Grand Junction -- it's a famous hotel where Teddy Roosevelt use to stay when hunting. has hot springs, vapor caves and everything-- i get to eat in the outside restaurant with M & S. i love the hotel colorado,
 even though ....
M makes me wear my "service" vest. 

all dressed and ready to take off the next morning ~ only 4 more hours and we'll be at the ranch
woof, woof, bark, howl......
i can't wait,

ahhhhhhhh, that first pee is this best!
the smells, the sounds, the space....