Sunday, August 28, 2011

living free- being me

the best part of being on the ranch is just being me.

while M & S did what they needed to do to the ranch, i got to be a "free thinker" as M calls it~ all on my own, no leashes, no fences, my own dog. i laid back and enjoyed the views, watched for "crites" (critters) chased more than my share of rabbits~ and i mean rabbits, 3 and 4 pounders, not like the anaheim hills bunnies of california, real rabbits!

we went on long hikes, i just hung out on flat rock and took in the beauty of the land and nature. i could stay there for the rest of my life and be a "happy pooch."

i suddenly realized that this is
                                      "living free." 

one warm afternoon when we passed the little pond near M's fairy meadow i couldn't resist venturing in.... ewwwwe-- it may have been cool but the silt on the bottom was knee-high- i nearly got stuck and the worst part was that i had endure the.......

"swamp dog" name and jokes for nearly 3 days afterwards.

M made me stay outside until i dried off and she could brush away all the muck- when i finally was able to go inside, bunny understood, he didn't care if i smelled a little "swampy," he still loved me.

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  1. Bunny will always love you, just as I will. Live free forever, chase those rabbits, get those crites and enjoy yourself. We will, one day, live free together. XX