Thursday, August 11, 2011

we're back ~ & got lots of pics too

hey everyone, we're back from colorado. had a woof'n time. saw lots of critters, got to meet Penny & Echo, see Skye and Mollie, and took a trip over to their pack leader's horse ranch. so, over the next couple of weeks i'll be posting all my adventures. check back often~

to start.... the road trip there took us 2 days....

3:00 am sat 7-31 (p.s. that was M's birthday)

"hey guys, i'm ready,
 it's time to go...."

"in Utah, M needed a rest stop for a micro power nap.... i need some cool water and a huge pee!"

"finally at 7:35 pm (6:35 ca time) we arrive at the Hotel Colorado in Grand Junction -- it's a famous hotel where Teddy Roosevelt use to stay when hunting. has hot springs, vapor caves and everything-- i get to eat in the outside restaurant with M & S. i love the hotel colorado,
 even though ....
M makes me wear my "service" vest. 

all dressed and ready to take off the next morning ~ only 4 more hours and we'll be at the ranch
woof, woof, bark, howl......
i can't wait,

ahhhhhhhh, that first pee is this best!
the smells, the sounds, the space.... 

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