Sunday, September 18, 2011

peek'n in fur a helloooooow

hi everyone, just peek'n in to say hello.

M & S have been really busy so not much go'n on besides our daily "bunnie hunts" and our before dawn plark excursions.

M & S are getting ready for a quick trip this week to, i got to stay home this time, the trip is too short. But that means.... CYNTHIA... gets to come over and play... yippee!!!!!!  she takes me for walks.... gives me lots and lots of cookies...take me for more walks....and best Yorba Doggie Hotel. I LOVE CYNTHIA


update on Rodney... i watched diligently day and night, even had a little help from my sis "the cat" and Rodney still avoided being caught for relocation into the canyon. (yotie food-HA!) so, sadly M had to get out the big guns, an old fashioned snap-trap, and Rodney is now raiding the big "peanut feeder" in the sky.


  1. You know that was the first photo I ever saw of you (your profile pic). Mummy and me was talking about it yesterday, how I first met you. We had been reading Dolyhir's blog for a while but I hadn't started my own. So mummy set one up for me and posted a photo to get it started. A few days later she was changing some bits on my profile and accidentaly clicked on a word that was highlighted. We suddenly came to a page with other profiles on all with the same likes so we browsed through them. That's when I saw you, WOW, my heart went a flutter. We spent the rest of the day reading all about you and I knew then that no-one would ever capture my heart like you did. Loves & smooches my King XX

    1. sort of like we did with your "cutie pie" photo, which i cherish. history on this photo, which you get the exclusive (it will eventually come out in my memories posts- but for you- first) I have a "search and rescue paramedic" license and jesse came of age for me to make him a "Canine S&R" member of our team- mainly training for earthquake or urban events. I needed a good photo of him for his badge, which we did eventually receive. however, jesse wasn't cooperating that day-- you know how he hated being photographed. The EMS photographer finally gave up and was packing up his stuff when suddenly Jesse was laying there panting his triumphant "I won laugh". I clicked my phone... and whalla got our photo. Did have to photoshop out a huge blade of grass stuck to his tongue, but M won the alpha battle again... ha, ha. ha....