Monday, September 5, 2011

rain'n and rodney

i woke this morning just knowing that the bunnies were going to be out and about and what did i find....
both M & S snuggled in their beds tell'n me "not this morning jess, it's rain'n and too muddy."

mudd?~~~ how does a little mudd hurt anyone... geeze.... went outside to check it out. the smell of the fresh air was intoxicating, but still couldn't get those too lazy bones out of bed and on our "morning bunny hunt!"

forgot to mention yesterday that we have had a great week with the bunnies last week. first few days we didn't see a tail anywhere, all of us were wonder'n what was up, but then we started seeing those "hoppers" taking off, i nearly caught one-had my nose to its tail.

 total for last week

the other interesting thing and a new job for me is the new unwanted resident in M's garden, which she has named Rodney...the rat. let me tell you, M has done just about everything she can to get this little guy to move on. she even got out the rat zapper and Rodney was TOO big, so she bought a larger one and he still is so big that the power on the zapper barely effects him. when she tore apart her garden potting area to try and find his nest....she found over 4 pounds of peanuts (from someone's feeder no doubt) stashed everywhere! she cried out to me.

 i have been on the lookout-- but lookout Rodney, cause we're gett'n out the big guns. 

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  1. Mummy tells me she used to keep rats, Spud, Sausage and Scampi, wonder what they would have tasted like, better than a Rodney I think. Smooches XXXXXX