Sunday, October 23, 2011

just plain fun stuff

first a riddle.....
what happens when a COLD NOSE meets a kitty butt?
my sis "the cat" at her best- 

good day to all- i have had some really fun days since last checking in here.

a visit to Tiffany...
i do so love Tiffany and her baths.

play'n in the plark and this morning it
was so foggy we were able to sneak
up on those bunnies!

i'm a berner out for fun
chase'n those bunnies i'm number one
see thier hopp'n bunnie trails
but what i chase is their little white tails

been do'n some heavy bone work too

have a safe and happy
halloween everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Halloween is coming round again that means I have to make sure I practice my scarey bark, must not do the high pitched excited one I give mummy when she gets home. Dream smooches my love XX