Friday, November 4, 2011

geo-doggin day- yea!

the Geo-bag- things we need
hello my buds everywhere... friday i woke to a stormy morn'n. knew the rain was going to make it a boring day, even though M and S took me for a short jaunt on cottontail rd- got to get those durn grass eat'n rabbits.

then i spotted the "geodog" bag... i kept a low profile, couldn't believe it possible, i know M promised....but it was pour'n boys and girls outside. i kept my paws crossed as M did some morn'n chores, we went to the grocery store...i have to carry in all the bags when we get home. then, when i least expected it i saw the "bag" in one of M's hands and my collar in the other....i dashed outside and looked up into a cloudy but dry sky....woof! woof! woof! there is a berner god!

off we headed to deer creek canyon, there were some new caches there we heard about and one that M and i have been trying to find for a long while. i felt lucky today...the rain stopped and i am off Geo-doggin. it was cool and beautiful, everything damp, not many smells, but clean and crisp.

can you see me in the bushes?
we headed to the elusive cache first and after a long while--i finally spotted it and waited until M saw it too. it was a fun and very clever hide- we peeked into the treasure box, left behind a paw print and tree of life charm that is our token.

sometimes it takes M so long to find the treasure that i get bored and have to chew on the geostick M uses to poke around in the bushes.

just as we found the second geocache we felt the drops begin. the sky was getting dark, so we both decided to head home, two finds were better than none.

by the time we got home we were soaked. after M dried me off we got to play one of my favorite games ...

where's jesse.....

there's jesse...... we found him

          i love days like this...

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  1. Wow, how much fun you had. I only went for a walk up the park but I did manage to meet Coco, the elusive other Berner that lives near me. I don't know why people think i'm her as she doesn't look a bit like me.