Sunday, November 27, 2011

i'm a work'n dog~ fun video of me

hello everyone, last week was a busy week for me. lots of walkies, bunnie hunts, and...of course busy bringing in the groceries. M's computer "bit-the-dust" and i wasn't able to get on and let everyone know i wished them a happy thanksgiving...even my overseas friends. you don't know what your miss'n with all the turkey-cooking smells all day long~ woof, and got lots of treats too. M and S did get a chance...after months of me ask'n... to film a moment of the most important job i have... bring'n in the groceries. here is a short video, and with M's new computer...there will be more to come- hope you enjoy. 


  1. Wow looks fun but you won't catch me helping mummy out like that. I won't even carry my own bags. Isn't it her job to do everything for me? Yes I think so. Feed me, walk me, clean up my poop, bath me... yep defo her job.

  2. Jesse, mummy's friends are having a video competition over on FB. She wants to post this video of you but can't save it from your site. Have you got it loaded on YouTube? or can you e-mail it to me? The prize for the best video is a painting. Or does your mummy have FB too?