Wednesday, November 2, 2011

hike'n, bunnies, and bees

whew! Halloween is done and gone and didn't have to guard the door either... all the neighborhood kiddies went to a special place to celebrate~ this made S especially happy too. (S is not much into kids bang'n on his door)

 last weekend we headed off to hike in Santiago Oaks. i had been there once last summer and it was way too hot for me then, but sunday it was great. i even found a wonderful pool to swim in...well, at least until my feet couldn't touch any more...headed back into shallower waters. M laughed and said "there goes your glow in the dark and tiffany's great bath."  M calls my white fur the "glow in the dark" because that is how she sees me when we walk in the dawning light of the mornings.

the best part of the hike was of course the BUNNIES...and there were bunches and bunches, i counted eight before i even got out of the car and quickly lost count on the trail. 

we also found a wonderful beehive hidden in the crevice of some boulders-- at the first glance we thought it was a snake skin hang'n down, holy ratt'lr, we've been down that route before, but with some careful inspection we saw it was a beehive. M and i love bees and watch for them when hiking, we are worried about colony collapse disorder and get excited when we see them in the wild.

next adventure... M promises that we are go'n geo-doggin this week....
woof-woof i love hunt'n for those caches.


  1. I found some bunnies, at long last, but they were in the pet shop so I wasn't allowed to chase them. They had chickens there too!!!

  2. congrats, Fizz... a bunny is a bunny it's just a running bunny is best. haven't seen a chicken...yet.