Monday, December 26, 2011

thank you auntie lois and the gang

WOW!! my buds the "therapy group's" pack leader- lois, always remembers me for christmas. and this year she loaded me down with bunches of new toys & treats....hers are always the best. when M came home with the package i bugged her until she let me open it....
   i got a new tote bag, made of recycled stuffed, we like being green. it has dogs all over it. i told M i want this to be my back-n-forth to colorado bag...since she left last year's "paw off" gift bag in colorado last summer.

look at all those toys and treats!!!!!

there is even a kit to make
 frozen treats, l love those

  and...and... a flying fish~~!!! 

thank you auntie lois
hunter, beau, ladybug & chance
you're the greatest.

other news~   S has been home this past week....yippie, and we have been do'n a bunch of budd'n around. M starts a new job tomorrow...yep she's out of the Emergency Room and go'n to take a little easier "desk" job. and... best part her hours are chang'n and we get more time for longer walkies- (she'll need to burn off that sit'n around)  and me too... i've gained a little bit of weight with all the treats lately. 
 hope everyone has a woof'n terrific week and happy new years!

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  1. Wow, they all look lovely, what a lucky boy you are. I got lots of pressies too. I'm mothering most of them at the moment. I need a long sleep now after the long walk I've had and all the food and treats I've eaten.