Sunday, December 11, 2011

a woof'n end to my birthday week

Fizz thought flying my pressie to me

first let me tell you the best gift was a "dream bone" from my best friend Fizz- she sent it to me by "thought mail" and it was the tastiest one i have ever had. thank you Fizz!

buffalo, mashed potato frosting, carrot candle

i was a little sad on wednesday, my birthday, because M & S had to work...but my sadness zipped away when M gave me my birthday cupcake. yummmmmm! M headed out the door i got another "bully stick" treat... okay i can live with that. when S got home we played our usual game of  "hideNseek" guess where i hid...

then nature's gift to me was a full moon this weekend...i love walking in the middle of the night --- moon walkies---- and i had several. sunday morn'n we ended my birthday week with a moonwalk at yorba park, it was great i was able to find 3 bunnies, the first one i chased into the ranger's fenced area...humph. the second i chased under the dock at the pond...i had to get in the water to make sure he was okay. number three i chased clear around the storage barn...that guy was a real runner gave me a chase for my day.


  1. Sounds like an excellent birthday and top photos, love your boots in the margin pic, we have the exped packs but they havent got us boots yet :( Best Birthday wishes from the Dolyhir Clan!

  2. I am so glad you had a lovely birthday and got my "thought pressie". Your cake looks lovely, fit for a prince. Lots of smoochies from me. XX