Monday, December 31, 2012

happy new year everyone

Greetings to a New Year. Berner Tails has had many fun adventures, met and followed wonderful friends, and suffered a great sadness and loss. I wasn't sure if I wanted to post anything at this time as tears still flow for my missing friend. Then, as I have been doing, I began to replace the sadness with a happy memory and decided to do two things- choose what post of jesse's was my favorite for this year and what was my favorite picture. The second idea was really hard since there are so many I love.  Nevertheless, here are my choices~ and since it was a holiday, I decided I could have more than one picture... :) !

my favorite post :April 3, 2012 playing with bear, rabbit, opossum, and bunny

last week was pretty boring; M got the impulse to clean all the carpets and windows...she does this a couple of times a year...and all i can do is wait until it's all done. so, i gathered my friends, "bear, rabbit, opossum, & bunnie" and got out of M's way (least she wants to clean all of us too) and headed for the backyard where we all had great time-

especially bear, he got a little rowdy for a time.
bear just plum-tuckers me out-

happy New Years everyone !

Thursday, December 27, 2012

our pressie is here!!!!

all the way from Kent, England~ jesse's and my wonderful welsh princess, Fizz, and her Mummy, a lady with talents galore, sent us a beautiful handmade ornament of a Bernese Mountain Dog- it looks exactly like Jesse~

 although my Yule Wreath, a week old, looks a little dried out, the "jesse" ornament adds some life and fun- you can bet that it will have a home on future wreaths forever.

thank you Fizz and Liz,
 this will be cherished for eternity~

Monday, December 24, 2012

happy holiday from jesse j 's pack

may every joy be yours this holiday season
and throughout the new year

Friday, December 21, 2012

first snow

jesse's first snow

i'll never forget the first time jesse saw snow. he was so surprised; then, lifted his face toward the flurries, listened carefully to the silence of the woods, and became one with nature.

today is the Winter Solstice, i celebrate it with warm memories of a gentle friend.
May the dawn of the Winter Solstice chase the dark away.
May it bring to you the promise of endless brand new days.
May all your sorrows vanish.
And all your dreams come true.
And may the light of the Winter Solstice always shine on you.
margeaux, steve, tiera & jesse's spirit

Monday, December 10, 2012

oh no M, he's got a paper fetish-

jesse's favorite "puppy chewy stuff" was paper, especially toilet paper and kleenex. even when he was an adult, 7 years old, I would catch him stealing toilet paper off the roll, kleenex out of the trash, and to his joy and surprise a crumpled piece of paper dropped on the floor.

Here is a simulated picture - using  my "stuffed Berner" to show how I found jesse one day when he was about 4 months old.

He had been a good puppy, learned the potty outside lessons and had gained access to the entire house by then. One day I was in my study and got this feeling that I needed to check on my little friend and decided to hunt him out and see just what he was up to. I did, and found him in our master bathroom, on his back, happily chewing away as the toilet paper slowly moved across the floor from the roll to his sweet little chompers. I have always regretted I didn't have a video camera handy for a picture. Thus, the simulation photo. tiera helped me set up the photo, she remembers the scene as well.

Many times when I would be outside in jesse's potty area and see these funky looking "brownish paper logs" it would suddenly dawn me of why it seemed I was changing that blasted roll so much. I would have to keep an eye on him even when bringing the mail.  However, there are two stories where his fetish nearly and did cost me a bit of coin.

I had gone outside to pay our tree trimmer, cash, for his work and had too much money with me. As I was heading back into the house jesse was in his "let me carry that....comeon....let me carry it" OCD mood and needed to carry what was in my hand into the house. So, I thought okay... here, and gently placed the bill in his mouth and watch him joyfully trot into the house. My mistake.... by the time I reach him in the family room where he usually took and dropped the mail I saw my money disappear past his lips, over the tongue, and gone fooooorrrrever.  Even a finger could not reach that piece of, okay here it is.... $100.00 treat.

the best was when, even after warning S, of jesse's love for paper (jess was about 6-7 months old) and the need to keep anything important out of reach of his little puppy chompers, S laid a postal money order on the dresser, near the edge I might add. I can't remember exactly how...but jesse was caught eating the money order. S had a small fit because it was for... $600.00 and anyone who has bought money orders knows if it is lost it is very hard to replace or get your money back. Thankfully the portion that was pulled out from my reaching into his throat was one small corner where the serial number was still intact.  We had to wait for 6 weeks, after filling out several forms at the post office, but did eventually get the monies returned. poor jesse was on S's #%^& list for a long time for that.

opps.... thankfully not my paycheck
carrying in mail with his mail bag

Monday, November 19, 2012

who's leader of the pack?

so many stories to tell... it is hard to know where to begin. I think this week i'll tell about jesse's first lessons as a pup.  the first thing I taught him, even before the sit-stay-etc. commands was "don't pull" and "leave it", the latter getting the most used.

I knew he was going to be a big boy and hate walking with dogs that make that horrid choking/cough sound as they pull against their leashes; and....didn't want to be dragged down the street when he became full grown -- thus, the "don't pull" command was learned while on a leash.

 I had been told that Berners were easy to train with their gentle nature and needed a gentle, with love, training. The breeder warned against using old fashioned  "obedience" training.

However.... Jesse was the "alpha" in his puppy pack and there were quite a few moments that he tried to make me think he was in command and made the rules. I had read somewhere a long time ago about domestic dogs also thinking in terms of a pack, just as wolves & coyotes do. Okay, knowing something about those guys in my wildlife studies, I pondered what do the Alpha's do to establish their leadership... next to beating the ever-living-bahgezies out of the usurper, ha! They simply do two things for the most part. One they eat first- always actually they are first in everything, down a path, hunt, mate, you name the task, the alpha is first. So, with that thought... Jesse never got anything to eat within one-half hour before we ate and always had something, a treat or meal right after us. Second, and I think this one was the best of all... he never entered or left the front doorway of the house or gate outside before us... he went through those portals behind us.  I will tell you-- those two things once established, made his training so much easier. And it was so nice being able to open a door without worrying about him dashing through.

The only thing left to do was for each of us teach the other our specific languages and the "rules of the pack."
he also loved to eat crab-grass...note the bare spots on the lawn
his "eating paper products" fetish began.... next story.... the $600.00 snack.

Monday, November 5, 2012

muffbarkling ~ what the????

Unable to personally bare to put the "little guy"- as jesse j was called those first days- in a "crate" to sleep, we set up a pen in a corner of the kitchen area, tarp on the floor, that accommodated his bed, water area, watering area, and play. It was plenty of space that had a doorway we could open and close to allow him inside or to come out. I was working night shift at that time, 7pm to 7am, and it worked beautifully when he had to stay there for several hours at a time.

His very first "stuffed" toy was his "lambie." One of the first nights he was home, we were asleep and woke up to the strangest sound I ever heard- remember we had been without dog sounds, let alone puppy, for a couple of years; however, this was different, almost erie- kind of a sound you would think as being paranormal on the verge of deathly. It suddenly occurred to me that something was amiss with jesse and I flew out of bed, down 2 flights of stairs, a hallway and slid into the family/kitchen area. There he was with his "lambie" toy clinched in his mouth as he vivaciously tried to bark and whine his loneliness.

The lamb toy cause a muffled "muffbarkling" sound that was so funny I nearly pee'd my pants laughing... until the look on his "oh there you are..." happy face and tail wag turned into a "are you laughing at me...." frown with his lamb dropped at his paws. I knew at that instant he was not only a smart little guy, he was going to have a sensitive personality that none of our other friends had possessed.

I couldn't resist climbing inside his home area to play and snuggle letting him know he was funny and it was okay.... because we loved to laugh.

He never did "muffbarkle" again after that night, it kind of saddened me because it really was an amusing sound once you had the source. He did still play with "lambie' occasionally. Jesse and Lambie this summer.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy howloween!

as promised to jessej-- i shall continue with tradition~ meet jake- the cap'n of the mousies
we wish everyone a safe and woofunderful howloween & meowloween

Sunday, October 28, 2012

jesse j ~the beginning

memories~ the pup
the day I met Jesse was a day so filled with synchronicity that there is no denying- it was destined for him to come into our lives.  it was a couple of days before valentine's day when Steve and I were out shopping; no matter how much we wanted or how hard we tried avoiding going to a particular shopping area, life would not accept our plans, it had plans of its own.

We had lost Ursa not more than 2 years earlier  she was a best friend for 16 years, her and her mate were the second set of Chow-chows we had owned and when Ursa stepped across to her next journey I felt it was time to change breeds. She had been my friend and I did not want to be comparing her to a new one if and when the time came.

  I grew up with St. Bernards, Great Danes, Wirehaired Terriers, and my childhood protector a wonderful Belgian Shepard named Beau. I wanted a larger dog this time and began studying the breeds- Newfoundland was my first and quick choice- but I knew Steve felt it was too big. Then, I saw the Bernese Mountian Dog, it was a strikingly beautiful dog, just the right size, but what hit home with me was when I read in one the of books I had that "this canine does not need an wants a family" (so unlike the one-man chow-chows) I wanted a friend that would be "family." It was decided, I studied the breed, bought a little Bernese Mountain Dog stuffed animal to keep at my desk and waited until life said it was time- I was, or so I thought, not ready.

 Back to the day.... finally fate won and we headed off to the little shopping strip to hopefully find the item we had been looking for. When we pulled up I noticed there was a new shop... PetsInc, next to the market. "Oh let's go see what it has to offer," I told Steve. We still had two cats at home and one who loved toys, catnip, and treats with a passion. Well, this place was not what I had expected nor would have purchased a living animal from, nevertheless, there in a pen near the door were two bernese mountain dogs. My heart dropped- "I can't!!" I screamed in my mind, this is against all my beliefs. I walked out so fast I nearly knocked someone else off their feet. When we finished shopping and headed back to our car (and this, folks, I think was my downfall) I had to take one little tinsey winsey peek inside...again. One of the pups looked me straight in the eyes and touched my soul. My husband went inside and asked about the pups, the cost, where they were from, other details a man of the house would think to ask. The pup in question was a male; I breathed a sigh of relief "Well, that's easy... I want a female. Let's get the groceries home." End of story..... NOT~

We were at home for over an hour; I just couldn't get that pup out of my mind. I rationalized, I mentally argued with my integrity, I gave in and decided to go back for one more look and at least touch the little guy. Perhaps there was something there that would help me rid myself of this constant urge to make him a member of our family. There wasn't--- Jesse came home with me that afternoon and I have never regretted a second of that decision.

After getting home I realized we had nothing we needed, we had to make yet another shopping trip down to our local, PetSmart...and if memory serves me I made at least two more trips that night, forgetting this and that, food dishes, toys, a play pen ... a crate that never was used- but that's another story.

That first night after all was set-up Jesse gave me a howling bark of approval...
I howled right back at him. "welcome to your family little guy"

just a note: How he had actually gotten into that "puppy shop" is somewhat a mystery  He was from a breeder in Missouri, a reputable one- AKC did a genetic verification for me, an investigation, and cleared them of any wrong. It seems that a person purchased two pups from Country View Berners and sold one to this California broker for twice what they paid for both pups. I contacted the breeder and was able to receive all paperwork, parental photos, and health history as if I had purchased Jesse directly.

Friday, October 26, 2012

meowing for ideas~

hello, my name is tiera, i have many nick-names but jesse called me "the cat." M and i have been thinking about what we could do for the crew down at Anaheim Canyon Animal Hospital as a thank you for all their efforts in taking care of jesse. i personally have been cared by Dr So for over 18 years. we have some ideas but they just aren't right. i had the brilliant idea...i have those a lot... of seeing what all of jesse's friends think and ideas they have. 

with that thought...
we are looking for something we can do or give to the crew at my vet. they are a small privately owned office with 5 tech's, a groomer, and Dr. So. M, being M and in the healthcare business didn't want to give candy or treats. 

if you have an idea, all suggestions will be greatly appreciated, we would be most happy to hear them. 

and.....i look forward to telling you all the "real" stories of our friend...jesse j

btw: "tiera" is pronounced 'tear'-'rah' 
(tear- as in teardrop)    M says i am loquacious,  i say it is simple abyssinian genius

Thursday, October 25, 2012

a sweeter than sweet award

thank you sweet Sheba and Cody for this award.....
hope you shared any real cupcakes with your pack leader better than...
let's say you do with the.... couch-  ha!

Monday, October 22, 2012

time for celebration of a life well lived

I made it past a weekend so filled with indescribable emotions that words cannot express. I let the emotions come, felt them with the intensity it choose, let it pass, and when it had done so, a voice in my head said:

"praise be to the soul that left such a mark upon yours as to create such deep response; how was I so fortunate to have been chosen to be a part of his life?”
jesse… our souls will cross again
                                                   your loving pack mate- margeaux
good afternoon everyone,
     jesse is not the first friend that has gone ahead of me to a new path, but i can honestly say- he is the hardest to let step over the bridge. I had another friend, a chow-chow, named Ursa  who was also a soul-mate and she too resides in a special place inside my heart... it is big enough for two and will most likely carry more.

     BernerTails, what will I do with BernerTails, I asked myself. The toys, the backpacking equipment, the beds, the possessions that were jesse's was an easy decision. I am keeping most, for there will be another one day and jesse was such a sharing pooch I know he would not mind.  Well, all except his bunny... that stays with him and his ashes until we can take him to the ranch where he will stay to run and chase "crites" among the aspen trees.

     I have decided to keep BernerTails up and running, there are so many stories of jesse that he did not tell, or wouldn't let me ha!, I think you will enjoy. So, a couple of times a month I will post one of these fun adventures. Tiera, jesse's sis "the cat" also wanted to share some.

   When another berner crosses my path that life has bestowed upon me to walk together I will start a blog with their adventures and link this one. We also plan on having a site about the ranch in Colorado when out there full time.  My favorite blog, next to Fizz's at Burntoak, is her mummy and daddy's home, Dolyhir Bernese Mountain Dogs, who also have another site named "Tales From the Rock" which tells stories of their small holding in Wales- they have been an inspiration for the future plans for a blog of the ranch in Colorado.

so, the time for mourning is over and the time for celebrating the life of my friend, Jesse, begins---

 join me~

Friday, October 19, 2012

~ jesse ~

 jessup tamu rafiki
 (swahili- jesse a gentle friend)

12-7-2004 ~ 10-19-2012

jesse j
the moose
boo-boo bear

jesse's illness had a terminal destination. we did not want to wait until he laid unable to move, could not bark a last bark of excitement,  or have to be carried lethargic, in pain, panting his last breath, to the rainbow bridge. 

jesse left us with a sparkle in eyes, a wag in his tail, and, although weakened, bounce to his step

this morning bunny and I escorted Jesse to his new destination with a  love that filled the skies and a thank you, that can never be expressed with words, for being my friend.

a few days of quiet reflection, then we celebrate his life~

margeaux, steve, tiera "the cat," and "bunnie"

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

the bark-rific-est medicine

what's the world's absolute barkrificest medicine.... ? 
my heart lies across the seas, i wish i had wings like the bumblebees
i think of you with each day, in my dreams we run and play
just know this my welsh sweetheart, our hearts are one even though our lives are apart.

hey all you buds out there... it is macho to be mushy sometimes, especially when you've got a welsh princess  queen to love... like my Fizz. 

thank you everyone for your thoughts and get well wishes.... we're work'n on it, even the bunnies are outside cheer'n me on. 

did you know that Fizz's mummy wrote a wooftastic story? it has Fizz and me and her mummy and daddy in it, and its got trolls and everything... with pictures too. if you haven't stopped by and taken a look then you are really miss'n out !!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

now it's me... :(

why am i wearing a sad ask. well, now it's my turn to not feel so good. last week i ate know i have the habit, and got really-really bad "poopies." M knows how to take care of those--- believe me i have given her lots of training, but we just couldn't get a handle on it. so, much to my already dismay she takes me to see Dr. So for some tests and ... yuck... shots and pills. the test came back with a slight chance of mild pancreatitis- which can come from eating things you should'nt... like maybe some delicious "bunny guts" those yoties always leave behind and M gets mad if i get one down before she can stop me.  the second set of tests didn't show a bad pancreas, so i have to have more tests.

M and S needed to go to colorado to close up the ranch for the winter...okay i blew it, i don't get to go, but they did have my best caregiver friend Cynthia, come to take care of me and my sis "the cat."

i love Cynthia... but i was not a very good pooch. i hated those pills and would not let her get near me... i even growled and snarled at her if it looked like she has some in her hand. but she hung in there with me... taking me down to the girls at the vet to give me my pill...&%$#. the other thing she had to contend with is i have stopped eating...anything. now i have everyone confused as to why. i am drinking lots of water...but nothing, not even the treats i love so much... just don't want it. i have lost a little weight, but M said i needed to anyhowls and she doesn't seem to concerned...just yet.

M and S came back last night so i go see Dr. So and M say's we have to nip this problem in the bud NOW! i hope so because i still have slight "poopies" even though i haven't eaten anything for 4 days. so, i guess i'll let everyone know how it goes at the vets today.

*** and note from M *** peoples out there if you live in Orange County California and need a PetSitter... there is none that I have ever met or known as professional, committed, or trustworthy as is Sitting with Cynthia . this woman went "way-way" overboard to make sure Jesse was going to be okay and not get worse while we were away. The dedication to doing her job was outstanding and I thank life that I have her to care for my pets when I am away. As sick as Jesse was, the worry factor was minimal knowing she was there. She sent us text messages often to keep us informed of how things were, and I will have to say when I came home and saw Jesse, it was obvious that great care had been given to him.

In the past she has dealt with ant invasions, a gazillion flies from nowhere, Tiera's regurgitation, house problems, and sick pets...all with laughter, smiles, and "sure I'll come back" agains.

Cynthia, I am not sure how I will ever thank you for this last session~ margeaux