Tuesday, January 31, 2012

M & me

 M and me


 look'n for bunnies 

and tell'n secrets

she is my bestest bud!!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

bunnies, geodogg'n, & new cubs for jewel

 eleven rabbits!!!! yes, count them li'l buggers.... i hunted down eleven bunnies this morn'n. got M & S up early, before sunrise and down to the plark and there they were, just munch'n away and i let the paws fly.....  yeah! now that's a morn'n  to remember.

 last monday M and i went into the canyon to do some more geodogg'n. red ryder, a famous geocacher, hid another cache that we needed to find. it was a sneaky one. i told M were it was but she didn't look close enough, after a long while looking all around it, she checked my spot again and there it was. she really needs to listen to me,

 i am darn good at finding those treasure spots.

heading back, i stopped off at the equine watering fountain and had a good long drink, nice and fresh.

then, of course, had to leave my treasure mark...

"jesse j was here." 
i also wanted to let everyone know about something special that M loves. she has been tracking some wild black bears in Minnesota that have den cameras- one of the bears had her cubs this morning. she wanted me to add a link to the website/dencam so others can enjoy watching this fantastic event. i got excited too, when i heard those little cub sounds on the computer.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

buds, brushing, & bunnies~wahoo

howl-dy to all my buds out there, this has been a terrific week. with M's new work shift she gets to have the morn'ns off, which means lots of activities for me. yippee. at first the change was a little hard gett'n use to- had to wait up late for her to come home so i could carry in her lunch box; but i think i've got the timing just right now and only have to wait at the door for a few minutes before i hear her car roll'n in the drive.
M had some extra time to clean up my toys....i asked if she could take a picture so i can show everyone all my wonderful "stuffed" buds that keep me entertained throughout the day.

she also found time to give me a...... brushing-
 i don't much like brushing-time~
 guess i needed it. 

the bunnies have been hiding in their warm winter dens...or we just haven't been gett'n up early enough to give them a good chase. M, S & i are going to investigate this matter...M thinks i've just done my "bunnie control" job too good. however, i am sure i'll have lots more other adventures soon..... woof!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

lots of love'n

this morning it was sooo windy that we couldn't go outside without getting blown away--- i learned when it is blow'n bunnies and birds outside, you gotta pee just right. ha!

M & S felt really bad that we couldn't do our traditional "sunday morn'n walkies" and let me come up on the bed with them...for lots and lots of lovies- and i mean lots, i had bellie scratches, pooch smooches, back scratches, huggies, paw massages, and just plain happiness. i was so filled with love that when M & S left to go get coffee i hardly could move-- that's when FIZZ came to mind. Ahhhh, my lady Fizz- my girl across the winds.

augie's got a new girl too....
fool'n around at christmas
on a play date at augie's

my friend augie has a new girl friend too, he sent me some fun pictures to put on his page. 

 her name is jasmine.

with their pack leaders at the park

love is everywhere in this new year~~ woof!                      

Sunday, January 1, 2012

happy NEW YEAR !!!

okay, i know you're go'n to ask just what is so exciting about a New Year to a "pooch"?

     lots of stuff.... mainly those resolutions that the pack-leaders make... you need to get them to include you in them.
things like:
.....i am going to exercise more~
it's your job to convince them- you're the perfect Personal "walkies" Trainer.

.....i am going to eat more healthy meals~
that means you need to convince them to give you all the "meat" and they eat vegetarian.

ha! you can turn any resolution into your advantage-- good luck,
and.... may this year ahead be the best !