Sunday, January 15, 2012

buds, brushing, & bunnies~wahoo

howl-dy to all my buds out there, this has been a terrific week. with M's new work shift she gets to have the morn'ns off, which means lots of activities for me. yippee. at first the change was a little hard gett'n use to- had to wait up late for her to come home so i could carry in her lunch box; but i think i've got the timing just right now and only have to wait at the door for a few minutes before i hear her car roll'n in the drive.
M had some extra time to clean up my toys....i asked if she could take a picture so i can show everyone all my wonderful "stuffed" buds that keep me entertained throughout the day.

she also found time to give me a...... brushing-
 i don't much like brushing-time~
 guess i needed it. 

the bunnies have been hiding in their warm winter dens...or we just haven't been gett'n up early enough to give them a good chase. M, S & i are going to investigate this matter...M thinks i've just done my "bunnie control" job too good. however, i am sure i'll have lots more other adventures soon..... woof!

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