Sunday, January 22, 2012

bunnies, geodogg'n, & new cubs for jewel

 eleven rabbits!!!! yes, count them li'l buggers.... i hunted down eleven bunnies this morn'n. got M & S up early, before sunrise and down to the plark and there they were, just munch'n away and i let the paws fly.....  yeah! now that's a morn'n  to remember.

 last monday M and i went into the canyon to do some more geodogg'n. red ryder, a famous geocacher, hid another cache that we needed to find. it was a sneaky one. i told M were it was but she didn't look close enough, after a long while looking all around it, she checked my spot again and there it was. she really needs to listen to me,

 i am darn good at finding those treasure spots.

heading back, i stopped off at the equine watering fountain and had a good long drink, nice and fresh.

then, of course, had to leave my treasure mark...

"jesse j was here." 
i also wanted to let everyone know about something special that M loves. she has been tracking some wild black bears in Minnesota that have den cameras- one of the bears had her cubs this morning. she wanted me to add a link to the website/dencam so others can enjoy watching this fantastic event. i got excited too, when i heard those little cub sounds on the computer.

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  1. Wow eleven bunnies, that's an excellent score. Well done Geo-doggin too. I'm just off out for a walk, I'm still looking for bunnies here. Mummy said the two foxes that were in my garden are mates, it made me think of you <3.