Sunday, January 8, 2012

lots of love'n

this morning it was sooo windy that we couldn't go outside without getting blown away--- i learned when it is blow'n bunnies and birds outside, you gotta pee just right. ha!

M & S felt really bad that we couldn't do our traditional "sunday morn'n walkies" and let me come up on the bed with them...for lots and lots of lovies- and i mean lots, i had bellie scratches, pooch smooches, back scratches, huggies, paw massages, and just plain happiness. i was so filled with love that when M & S left to go get coffee i hardly could move-- that's when FIZZ came to mind. Ahhhh, my lady Fizz- my girl across the winds.

augie's got a new girl too....
fool'n around at christmas
on a play date at augie's

my friend augie has a new girl friend too, he sent me some fun pictures to put on his page. 

 her name is jasmine.

with their pack leaders at the park

love is everywhere in this new year~~ woof!                      

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