Wednesday, February 29, 2012

new buds!!! and they're great

good morning everyone, M let me get on the computer this morn'n to check my email and such and i peeked at who was following my blog and guess what i found... new buds and they are terrific. i've asked for the pack leaders to send some pics but here is what M nabbed off their blog.

meet Cadbury ! Cadbury lives in Dumfriesshire, Scotland.(wow that's a mouthful, glad i don't talk-hehe)  he has woof'n fun adventures and is an agility dog- bark!  p.s-his pack leaders are M & D ha!

 here is a link to his site, check it out, you'll not be sorry.

 A Chocolate World
meet Aspen, he is a GeoDog too!! and lives in minnesota- (that's where the bears M watches on the webcam are) looks like Aspen has a "cat" brother, Picasso, hope he is nicer than my "sis" the cat is. his pack leaders are E & R.

check out his site, he has some really fun stories.

Big Berner Paw

just a note i have to add--- i am getting so good at spotting those darn bunnies at the plark that i don't even need M & S there anymore, i  have even learned how to flank them and make them think i don't know their there until the woof-bark-woof! sunday's total... ha!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

been a busy boy

i am sorry everyone, i have been really really busy chasing bunnies, keep'n M and S in shape with walkies. i will help M get my adventures posted tomorrow, she's been busy too. see you soon!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

the 4 B's~ bunnies, balls, bones, & a bed

bunnies, treat balls, bones, and a soft bed --- what else does one need in a dogs's day

well, perhaps some lov'n might be added. had to get M out of bed this morn'n...with some complaints from her...but up she got. S and me were already up and ready to go to the plark for our traditional sunday morning bunnie hunt. met a new friend who also likes to give the bunnies and squirrels a hardy chase. M forgot his human name and i can't say his real-secret-only us canines know- name, but he was real nice and i hope to see him again.

 this week was a busy week for the bunnies, they were out and about munching on the grass and not paying much attention to me...until i sent those li'l guys a run'n- woof!

i am go'n to help M with a new project today- Fizz's mummy had a suggestion from an idea M had on her blog and it is terrific- "poop bag canisters" - recycled from old  "wipes canisters" so, we are go'n to try it today- i'll let you know how they turn out.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

ahhhh, love is in the air

my heart lies across the seas
wish i had wings like bees
i think of you with each day
in my dreams we run and play
just know this my welsh sweetheart
our hearts are one even though our lives are apart

Sunday, February 5, 2012

happy boy

mak'n grass angels

 he is a hap-hap-happy boy
cause he's filled with so much joy
and if you had a dream
like he has a dream
then, you'd know that dreams do come true!!!!
that's why he is a hap-hap-happy boy.....