Sunday, February 19, 2012

the 4 B's~ bunnies, balls, bones, & a bed

bunnies, treat balls, bones, and a soft bed --- what else does one need in a dogs's day

well, perhaps some lov'n might be added. had to get M out of bed this morn'n...with some complaints from her...but up she got. S and me were already up and ready to go to the plark for our traditional sunday morning bunnie hunt. met a new friend who also likes to give the bunnies and squirrels a hardy chase. M forgot his human name and i can't say his real-secret-only us canines know- name, but he was real nice and i hope to see him again.

 this week was a busy week for the bunnies, they were out and about munching on the grass and not paying much attention to me...until i sent those li'l guys a run'n- woof!

i am go'n to help M with a new project today- Fizz's mummy had a suggestion from an idea M had on her blog and it is terrific- "poop bag canisters" - recycled from old  "wipes canisters" so, we are go'n to try it today- i'll let you know how they turn out.

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