Wednesday, February 29, 2012

new buds!!! and they're great

good morning everyone, M let me get on the computer this morn'n to check my email and such and i peeked at who was following my blog and guess what i found... new buds and they are terrific. i've asked for the pack leaders to send some pics but here is what M nabbed off their blog.

meet Cadbury ! Cadbury lives in Dumfriesshire, Scotland.(wow that's a mouthful, glad i don't talk-hehe)  he has woof'n fun adventures and is an agility dog- bark!  p.s-his pack leaders are M & D ha!

 here is a link to his site, check it out, you'll not be sorry.

 A Chocolate World
meet Aspen, he is a GeoDog too!! and lives in minnesota- (that's where the bears M watches on the webcam are) looks like Aspen has a "cat" brother, Picasso, hope he is nicer than my "sis" the cat is. his pack leaders are E & R.

check out his site, he has some really fun stories.

Big Berner Paw

just a note i have to add--- i am getting so good at spotting those darn bunnies at the plark that i don't even need M & S there anymore, i  have even learned how to flank them and make them think i don't know their there until the woof-bark-woof! sunday's total... ha!


  1. I'm glad Aspen started following you. I've been following him for a while and when he said he was going Geodoggin I let him know that you were very good at it. I'm only sad that he doesn't follow me, but never mind I have you.

    1. Fizz, worry not it may be a male thing...ha ha, but i think once he sees how beautiful you are he will follow...sniff, sniff... hehe. love you my sweet.

  2. He's following you now Fizz ;-) Jessej you and Aspen have the same backpack, but he doesn't have those shoes yet!!