Sunday, March 25, 2012

it's a polaroid

stay tuned for the "great bunny chase" in the meantime while i rest from the outstanding exploits of my sunday adventures, take a pawprint in the past with a "polaroid" (whatever that is)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

oh-oh M's got a new cam

yep, she did a fancy new camera and of course... i had to be the test subject.
laugh'n at M try'n to figure out that big fancy camera
shak'n off the morn'n dew
look'n for them darn bunnies

Thursday, March 15, 2012


woof's and bark's everyone, popp'n in midweek 'cause i am so excited. M and i went down to Petco to get some food & treats... and as we drove past the plark who did i see....

dexter, shilo and tosha. i haven't seen my friend tosha in a bunnie's age.

dexter- look'n his normal regal "at attention," but is really fun to be around.

shilo, she is a beautiful
 brindle color which S loves. 

 and of course my chase 
and run plark buddie, tosha

dexter and me when
i was sixteen weeks,
now i'm bigger,
 but that's okay he's still
 the patriarch of the plark.

aren't supplizes soooo much fun!    

Monday, March 12, 2012

busy berner boy

i had a super fun this weekend, it stared Friday with a visit to Tiffany, my sweet groomer; I also got some shots but with the gentle care from Elaine my VetTech and Dr. So it was not so bad.  Do you know that Elaine loves my blog, i heard her telling M.

saturday we got M out of bed and off bunnie two, and not only just two but got TWO hunker'd down..these guys were flatter than pancakes think'n they were hide'n...but i saw them and had a good chase with both... woof! ahhh a dog's life what would it be without bunnies?

hey! M put that camera away
and look for bunnies
wow, it's a bird in the bush
 pawdicure by Tiffany, she's the best

then on sunday..because it was DST (and we forgot) and everyone thought it was earlier than it was... we got to the plark late and just as we were leaving all my buds started arrivi'n. we all had a good sniff 'n'greet and told stories about what's been happen'n, it was just a good ole' time. finally i had to say goodbye and headed off home.  but it was really good seeing our plark matriarch Tess- she is a beautiful gal even in her senior life.

M still had that camera going as we walked to the front door--said she needed a pic of me carry'n S's hat. yea right, and to think she's getting a new bigger and better camera-- 
oh, the horror....

Saturday, March 10, 2012

my first !!!

thank you!!! Rama and Rama's Mama for bestowing the 
woof'n'derful "Pawsome Blogger Award."

wow my first award!!!

tradition says that i get to pass on the award to eight other blogs that bring me laughter, fun, & friendships.
here is my list:

this one deserves a "back at you" award for being an outstanding blog.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

lookie what Fizz can do

Fizz waiting for a cookie to balance
woofs...Fizz has got talent!

hi everyone, just had to pop in real quick to tell you about what my precious welsh gal, Fizz, can do. check this out "the great cookie balance"  and click on the video her pack leader made. M has been trying to get me to do that for ages, but she finally gave up-- not my fault those cookies didn't cooperate.

Monday, March 5, 2012

it was a squirrely day

hey everyone, wow did i have an active weekend, M & S nearly walked my paw pads off. saturday we hit the bunny spots around our den and made fast work of them, then later, i had to get them out and about after supper to burn off some of that wonderful lambstew S made...yep, i got trim'n treats-yum.

but sunday was the best....we headed off in the dark am to yorba for some bunny fun and what did i find....

squirrels....lots of them...all over the place...i still can't figure out how they climb those blasted trees...they've got to have some special "squirrel powers."

by the end of the day sunday
....i was bushed...

also, you should check out my new "web-buds" page, last week i forgot to tell you about Rama, she has been a bud for a while, i don't have any pictures of her yet- she's a beautiful Cane Corso. check out her site at:
Raising Rama