Monday, March 12, 2012

busy berner boy

i had a super fun this weekend, it stared Friday with a visit to Tiffany, my sweet groomer; I also got some shots but with the gentle care from Elaine my VetTech and Dr. So it was not so bad.  Do you know that Elaine loves my blog, i heard her telling M.

saturday we got M out of bed and off bunnie two, and not only just two but got TWO hunker'd down..these guys were flatter than pancakes think'n they were hide'n...but i saw them and had a good chase with both... woof! ahhh a dog's life what would it be without bunnies?

hey! M put that camera away
and look for bunnies
wow, it's a bird in the bush
 pawdicure by Tiffany, she's the best

then on sunday..because it was DST (and we forgot) and everyone thought it was earlier than it was... we got to the plark late and just as we were leaving all my buds started arrivi'n. we all had a good sniff 'n'greet and told stories about what's been happen'n, it was just a good ole' time. finally i had to say goodbye and headed off home.  but it was really good seeing our plark matriarch Tess- she is a beautiful gal even in her senior life.

M still had that camera going as we walked to the front door--said she needed a pic of me carry'n S's hat. yea right, and to think she's getting a new bigger and better camera-- 
oh, the horror....


  1. Sounds like you have been busy! I know just how you feel -- Beth is ALWAYS taking pics of me! (Don't tell her....but I kinda like it!)

  2. Woof Jessej!

    Thanks for the award! :) And my Missus thnks you are one handsome stud (like me!). She loves Bernese Mountain dog. They've the kindest expression on their face! :)

    I've added you into my reading list (how can we resist your lovely face!). We can't wait to know more about your adventures!


    PS: The Missus wants to squish your face!