Monday, March 5, 2012

it was a squirrely day

hey everyone, wow did i have an active weekend, M & S nearly walked my paw pads off. saturday we hit the bunny spots around our den and made fast work of them, then later, i had to get them out and about after supper to burn off some of that wonderful lambstew S made...yep, i got trim'n treats-yum.

but sunday was the best....we headed off in the dark am to yorba for some bunny fun and what did i find....

squirrels....lots of them...all over the place...i still can't figure out how they climb those blasted trees...they've got to have some special "squirrel powers."

by the end of the day sunday
....i was bushed...

also, you should check out my new "web-buds" page, last week i forgot to tell you about Rama, she has been a bud for a while, i don't have any pictures of her yet- she's a beautiful Cane Corso. check out her site at:
Raising Rama


  1. Hi Remington here....nice to meet you! I love watching squirrels! Some of my best friends are squirrels! BTW -- I am going to follow, not around your yard....just in Blogland! I hope we can be great friends!

    1. hey there Remington, M, my pack leader, really loves your blog- i was a compromise to having a "newfie" although i am nearly as big as my friend Newton, a newfie, but now that they have me...they're into "berners" ha! still you are one good looking Newfoundland. i would love to be buds, if you would have your pack leader send M some pics I can put them in the web-buds of my blog- with a little about you. here's my email: - see you soon, jesse and Margeaux.

  2. Hi Jesse, looks like you had a lot of fun chasing all them squirrels.

    1. ahhh, my sweet princess, not as much fun a chasing YOU in my dreams--- <3