Monday, April 30, 2012

play'n with bear, rabbit, opossum, & bunnie

last week was pretty boring; M got the impulse to clean all the carpets and windows...she does this a couple of times a year...and all i can do is wait until it's all done. so, i gathered my friends, "bear, rabbit, opossum, & bunnie" and got out of M's way (least she wants to clean all of us too) and headed for the backyard where we all had great time-
especially bear, he got a little rowdy for a time.
bear just plum-tuckers me out-

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

back together again~

yeah... i love my bunnie... and my bunnie loves me.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

tuesday morn'n fun

wahoowoofs-- M surprised me this morn's with walkies in the canyon, it was early enough to catch those lawn munch'n bunnies on our way down the hill- when we got to the canyon there were so many new smells since the rain last weekend we hiked it real slow. then, just as we were gett'n to the end...who did i get the see? my litt'l "four corners trail" buds Andy and Oscar.  they were having fun out and about with their pack leaders enjoy'n this beautiful spring morn'n.
yea, count them...sent them bunnies a-hopp'n

Monday, April 16, 2012

a green paw print idea-

a few months ago M talked about ideas for recycling some items and Fizz'z Mummy came back with a smart suggestion for those "wipe tubs" that my ear wipes come in. M thought it was a great idea and we finally had time this morn'n to make up one.
here is how it turned out.

 these tubs fit 8 rolls of bags- that's alot of poop'n
M pasted some plastic coated (washable) pooch paper around the container
and then put a paw print on top of the lid.
she is going to keep the container in the car and when we stop by somewhere 
and she needs a bag or two- whalla- she pulls out a couple and off we go. 

M is also gathering some more of these kind of tubs from people and going to give these as gifts to my buds.

thanks Fizz's Mummy!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

a new stomp'n ground~ arf!

arf ! arf!, we found a new stomp'n ground... saturday we went on a recon to a new plark we had been want'n to see and it was woof'n barktacular~ even though i had to keep S on a leash, rules are rules. we went later in the morn'n so we could investigate time we'll go in the wee hours of dawn before anyone else is there and i'll be able to let M and S "off leash." they are really good off-leash, had a young pup tell me that the other day when we were out for walkies- he said "wow jess, you got them trained great, how'd ya do it?" i told him that S was easy...but with M i had to establish the "alpha." ha-bark~

the best part of this plark was it had a stream i could wade was fresh flowing and clean, i stayed out of the pond...but that's okay, it is really for all the ducks, geese, and fish. i know i am goin'n to like this plark.

on our way home we stopped by my usual "plark" and got to play with all my plark buds for a bit then we headed home where i plunked down and slept for a few...hours...i was tired.

Friday, April 13, 2012

PB ~ yum

sometimes M puts a glob of peanut butter on my tongue....yum!

Monday, April 9, 2012

forever dog- that's me

i wanted to share this with you, it was posted on Aspen and Erika's Big Paw Berner,-- it is wonderful. M and i think that every time someone gets a new pet of any kind they should have to sign some kind of "mortal contract" such as...your soul if you do not care for this wonderful creature! thanks Aspen & Erika for sharing

Thursday, April 5, 2012

"leg-lift'n-butt pose"


barks to all this beautiful morn'n- yesterday was my day for S's personal training so we went for "sunrise-run-walkies", he got exercise and i got bunnies! woofs!
this morn'n was M's turn
 i took her to the canyon...
she took the camera- horrors- 
so, i gave her my best pose!

a "leg-lift'n butt shot"

then she reminded me sunday was easter, 
held up the camera and grinned--not sure i like the sound of that.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

great weekend- how about you?

it's been a great weekend... sat morn'n got up and headed off to weir canyon, it was foggy and peaceful. didn't get to flush any critters, but saw lots of tracks and had some darn good sniffs, did a bit of leg lift'n too.

 how can you tell if it's been a woofrific hike?
                                       by the hang'n tongue and grinn'n face.


then on sunday we got up to do some sunrise bunny hunt'n at the plark. it rained the night before and that brought them all out... most ran into the bushes when they knew i was there...but one..he hunkered down in the grass and i circled around behind him and off we went for miles and miles we ran, it was the best chase i've had in years. then S and i played with  my plark duck until he got tired, ha! and i grabbed my plark bag and headed off to the car.  i had a great weekend, how about you?