Monday, April 16, 2012

a green paw print idea-

a few months ago M talked about ideas for recycling some items and Fizz'z Mummy came back with a smart suggestion for those "wipe tubs" that my ear wipes come in. M thought it was a great idea and we finally had time this morn'n to make up one.
here is how it turned out.

 these tubs fit 8 rolls of bags- that's alot of poop'n
M pasted some plastic coated (washable) pooch paper around the container
and then put a paw print on top of the lid.
she is going to keep the container in the car and when we stop by somewhere 
and she needs a bag or two- whalla- she pulls out a couple and off we go. 

M is also gathering some more of these kind of tubs from people and going to give these as gifts to my buds.

thanks Fizz's Mummy!


  1. They look brilliant. Your mummy is very cleaver. XXX

  2. ahhh, but Fizz, it was your Mummy that thought of using these tubs for our poo-bags. :)

  3. What a clever idea! I may have to get Momma to do this. I'm the idea guy, but she's got the opposable thumbs.