Sunday, April 1, 2012

great weekend- how about you?

it's been a great weekend... sat morn'n got up and headed off to weir canyon, it was foggy and peaceful. didn't get to flush any critters, but saw lots of tracks and had some darn good sniffs, did a bit of leg lift'n too.

 how can you tell if it's been a woofrific hike?
                                       by the hang'n tongue and grinn'n face.


then on sunday we got up to do some sunrise bunny hunt'n at the plark. it rained the night before and that brought them all out... most ran into the bushes when they knew i was there...but one..he hunkered down in the grass and i circled around behind him and off we went for miles and miles we ran, it was the best chase i've had in years. then S and i played with  my plark duck until he got tired, ha! and i grabbed my plark bag and headed off to the car.  i had a great weekend, how about you?                                      


  1. Sure looks like you had a great weekend, we hope you have an equally great week!