Sunday, April 15, 2012

a new stomp'n ground~ arf!

arf ! arf!, we found a new stomp'n ground... saturday we went on a recon to a new plark we had been want'n to see and it was woof'n barktacular~ even though i had to keep S on a leash, rules are rules. we went later in the morn'n so we could investigate time we'll go in the wee hours of dawn before anyone else is there and i'll be able to let M and S "off leash." they are really good off-leash, had a young pup tell me that the other day when we were out for walkies- he said "wow jess, you got them trained great, how'd ya do it?" i told him that S was easy...but with M i had to establish the "alpha." ha-bark~

the best part of this plark was it had a stream i could wade was fresh flowing and clean, i stayed out of the pond...but that's okay, it is really for all the ducks, geese, and fish. i know i am goin'n to like this plark.

on our way home we stopped by my usual "plark" and got to play with all my plark buds for a bit then we headed home where i plunked down and slept for a few...hours...i was tired.

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  1. Wow, lucky you getting to go to a new plark to play. That stream looks really fun, I like wading in rivers too, but I don't like it when they are too deep, I don't like to get my belly wet. You must have slept for hours after all thet fun. Hugs & kisses. XXXX