Wednesday, May 30, 2012

sigh...time is soooo slow

10 days, 7 hours, 41 minutes
and only bunnie knows the seconds...
i'll perish before we leave for colorado

Sunday, May 27, 2012

colorado, bunnies, squirrels~life's great

good day to all... wow have we been busy this past week. first i have just gotta tell everyone that the days pass so fast- it is almost time for our trip to colorado- arf~bark~woof~ and all the other noises i can make.

haven't packed yet- M and i will do that next week, then we are on the road. i can't wait to see my buds, Molly, Skye, Penny, & Echo. and the equines too, the three i told you about last post.

i also didn't get to tell you about last weekend's plark visit, it was "bunnies galore" when we got to the plark there were so many that we lost count after 23, yep you read it right. i didn't know which way to turn or what bunnie to chase..... it was exhilarating.

then this morn'n we went to yorba park and the squirrels were out... woofrific! 
" how in the heck does he do that!!!!! "
"you'll never catch me....chatter-chatter-chatter-ha!"

Saturday, May 19, 2012

bunnies and colorado beauties

bunnies!!! found a couple this morning and sent them a'runn'n - i told M and S they were out there; we all jumped out of bed and headed off to do some track'n.

when we got home i checked my email and found a message from my sweet buddy, Molly, in colorado. she sent a picture of her and her pack leader, Jim, with one of the new foals on their ranch.

Paris, Jim, & Molly

she also sent a picture of the three mares that are staying on our ranch this summer so i'll know who to expect to see when we get there in about a month. it will be my duty to make sure they are protected while we are there. two will be new to me and i'll have to introduce myself, but my bestest equine friend, Babe, will be there to help.  
                ...i am so excited i can hardly wait.

Babe, Zilla, & Breeze munching in our pasture- M says all of them are going to have little ones next spring and we need to make sure they are safe and cared for.

have a wonderful weekend!!! 

Monday, May 14, 2012

sometimes buds are better than bunnies

i got M and S up before dawn this weekend...and i mean before dawn- i think M was complaining that it was only 4:15 am- as if i really care about human time functions. i care about gett'n out and gett'n those darn rabbits! but alas, when we arrived at the plark there were none to be found... pooh!
S could see i was a little sad about it all and suggested we go take a peek
 at another park we go to....and...  

woof!! when we pulled up, the park was filled with buds i haven't seen in ages, and that's a long time. the best part- not only was my berner bud, Emmit, there, but also this little berner cutie named Piper (of course she wasn't as beautiful as my gal Fizz) have to admit 
Piper had one thing going for her- she was close enough for a good hardy sniff and she smelled great.

i got lots of luv'n from the pack leaders and romped and played with my buds and forgot all about not finding any bunnies. When M asked if i wanted to go looked for bunnies in the bushes, i said "bunnies be damned, i am with my buds!"

Sunday, May 13, 2012

wow! thank you Garth Riley

holy bones and cookies, i can't believe it, i received an award... thank you Garth Riley, of "The World According to Garth Riley"   M and i didn't even know this existed. Garth was good enough to send along the rules of the award so we may pass it on. receiving it was the easy part....choosing only 5 others was the hard part. M gave me a huge list of her favorites, i reminded her of the rules. (still working on training her to obey rules) nevertheless, we narrowed it down. here are the rules and 5 blogs we love and think deserve this award

The award is given to bloggers who have less than 200 followers and deserve recognition. The rules are as follows:
  1. Thank your Liebster Blog award presenter(s) on your blog
  2. Link back to the blogger (s) who awarded you
  3. Give your top 5 picks for the award in a post with a copy of the rules
  4. Inform your top 5 by leaving a comment on their blog
  5. Post the award on your blog
 1. Fizz of Bernese Mountain Dogs @ Berntoak Her official name is Dolyhir Seasons Sunset. She is a Bernese Mountain Dog that was born in Wales, then moved to her furever home in Kent. Fizz is a beautiful welsh princess and has lots of fun of adventures.

2. Cadbury of A Chocolate World  is a Chocolate Labrador, born in Grantham and moved to Dumfriesshire. He loves the outdoors, food, and sleeping but not necessarily in that order! 

3. Homer the Golden Retriever, is a six year old international jet-setting retriever. he was born in Australia, then moved to Singapore, South Korea, China, Netherlands, Italy before finally settling down back in Singapore. he loves to blog about his zany experiences. other thing... he loves food!!!!

4. Tucker, Daisy, and Leo of Two Goldens and a Wannabe, Tucker and Daisy are beautiful and fun golden retrievers and Leo is a cat...but really, really is a "wannabe" a golden too.  They have lot of fun adventures and photos.

5.  Rose Elizabeth from Beautifully Unique is a beagle/german shepherd/and not really sure what else mix who lives with her pack leader, Raelyn, who says Rose is the best kind of mixed breed because she is actually a "Mystery Dog"~a beautifully unique mystery dog!

we want to thank Garth again for honoring us with this award~ you are woofrific !

M's honorable mentions...i just gotta include..

Sunday, May 6, 2012

M gets a squirrely glare..

M saw a squirrel up in a tree really close to the ground and tells me about it...
was he mad! if a squirrely glare could vaporize a human...she would have been a gonner
        me? ...  he was too busy glaring at M to notice that i could almost reeeeeaaaaccchh him...
had a quick sniff before he scattered up and away.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

my guard opossum

while i was helping M with chores Mr. O'possum volunteered to guard my bone- arf!