Wednesday, June 27, 2012

garth's photo contest

hey everyone...come one come all -- 

yes we're good pooches and come when called... Garth Riley is having a woofenderful photo contest!

click the title-link below to see the rules and enter-
                 there are some barktastic purrrizes too!
                             open to all "ani-mules" of your household.

Garth Riley's First-Ever-Silly-Photo contest 2012

"come join in the fun!" 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2 more awards--omd~ woofarfbark!!!!

holy bunnie poop! i just got two more awards... the first came from my friend
thank you Garth ` woofs, barks, & an arf is in there too!

There are three rules for the Sunshine Award:

1. Answer 7 questions
2. Pass it on to ten people
     (passing it on to 7 saving 3 for later)
3. Let them know they received the award

1. What is your favorite number?
Two – because when it comes to treats…. There’s always TWO
2. What is your favorite nonalcoholic beverage?
The canine royal beverage… fresh water from an icy cold mountain stream
3. Facebook or Twitter?
sorry, I don’t make faces at books or get the twitters….unless i am chas'n bunnies in my dreams
4. What is your passion?
Need you ask? Go’n for bunnie chas’n walkies
5. What is your favorite pattern?
zig-zag-  it confuses the squirrels when you're sneak'n up on them
6. What is your favorite day of the week?
Sundays!!! Cause it’s go’n to Yorba Park and look’n for bunnies n’ squirrels day
7. What is your favorite flower?
Johnny jump ups….. cause it's M’s favorite and I love M.

the second came from someone new to my web-buds pack~ i give a "barktastic" THANK YOU! to:
Dogs N Pawz a great online place for information about dogs

There are also three rules for the Award:
1. thank and link back to the person who gave you the award
2. share 7 things about yourself
3. Pass it on to fifteen people
7 things to share about myself? i think i’ll do things you may not know about me-those secret pooch-things….
  • When i was a puppy i use to eat my own poop! Yea, M got upset, researched all about it- found it’s not that uncommon- nipped it in the bud with some natural stuff called S.E.P (stop eating poop) from solid gold. – the real secret… i still sometimes sneak in a bite.
  • When  i  was  a teenager- i was really gawky looking…M and S wondered if i was truly a “berner”…or something unnamable.
  •  i steal cookies  off the counter and let M think she forgot to get me one…and then she gets me another
  • i  smooze S into giving me nibbles when we are at the dining table- don’t tell M, she frowns if i beg
  • if i really caught a bunnie or squirrel…i would probably be afraid of it.
  • the best part of morn’n "bunnie hunt’n walkies"….gett’n  M and S up at 4:30 am and out of their warm beds.
  • i would really like to be friends with my sis “the cat”, she’s a real meanie to me…one day i’m gonna have my own “cat friend”. (it’s  unnerving for a 118 pound dog to be pushed around by a 9 pound cat) 
now for the passing of the awards: there are so many great ones out there, and m and i don't spend that much time online- we have our favorites. (no particular order for the list.)

for the sunshine award: because these blogs always add sunshine to my day

Fizz @ Bernese Mountain Dogs of Berntoak  - she's the sunshine of my heart
RA Husky - my colorado buds
Angus & Milos adventures - featuring Milo and Jet-the new pup
Two Doodles and a Dane - fun, fun, fun
Two Goldens and a Wanna Be - their cat likes them...ahhh
a chocolate world - tails of an agility dog - my friend Cadbury
Homer, the golden retriever - this guy is an international jet-retriever- fun adventures

these are new blogs we found that caught our attention; whom i think may be the future "sunshine award" from us.
thanks again Garth for this award!

for the " inspiring blogger" award, i am go'n to include several that are not necessarily "dog" blogs, but M and i really like

happy chickens lay healthy eggs - go there and be inspired by bees and chickens
tales from the rock - just visit this blog and you'll see why we love it
the dog who doesn't fetch - this is a new and wonderful find for us
hades the golden retriever - another new and fun find
ruled by paws - assistance dogs with inspiring power
the world according to garth - garth inspires us everyday to be a great dog
barnie's dog blog - full of inspiring energy
molly the wally - simply a wow blog
beautifully unique - raelyn and rose are inspirational
the legacy chronicles - casey's dedication is inspirational
meditation, motivation, & inspiration - this blog is wonderful
mouse houses - a really fun site
true alignment - another inspirational blog
simple tasty healthy - a lot of work goes into this wonderful fun blog
a journey...  - this is M's blog~  and S and i insist that she be rewarded too.

thanks again Dogs N Pawz for this woofenderful award!

whew! now on to notify'n everyone- arf

Sunday, June 24, 2012

the best stick of all

as we were click'n through the photos of our trip i barked for M to stop... i had forgotten all about this was the bestest of all. it was twice my size but i was able to carry it...yep i did... 
             isn't it a grand stick~

ahhh, i do love find'n and chew'n on sticks. M keeps them piled on our porch so when we come back i can see what i did last time and see if i can find more.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

pouting pooch

bunnie and i had so much fun when we were at the ranch that it is hard getting back into the semi-active normal days of our lives. okay so maybe i am pouting a little. then M reminded me of a couple of times that we needed to go out and walk the fence line or check on some trees....and i had other plans....

"i was really tired that day...."

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


july 2011
last year in july we went over to our friends at the T & V stables so M could see some new foals that had been born that spring. there were three that were very curious of me... i tried to ignore them.
well you won't believe it... when i went back to T & V stables to see the canine girls this year, those same three, now yearlings, were just as curious of me as they were the year before-  arf?

they watched me the entire time i was there... i kind of agree with Garth, horses sort of "freak me out" woof!

and in honor of Molly the Wally who really like horses, here are some pictures of our favorite filly this year who will soon be traveling to France with her mama- Di. this is Chantilly, last week M got to say goodbye to both. Di, spent the summer last year on our ranch while she was in foal with Chantilly.

this is Chantilly when she was just 12 hours old ~april 2012
 in their stall; M went inside to say hello and goodby last week
Chantilly meeting S behind the door and Di giving M a sweet kiss.
M and i will miss Di being on our ranch in the summers, but we know both of them will have a grand home in France; M says that it is even farther than my sweet welsh princess, Fizz, lives.

more pictures for my web buds....
this year's summer visitors to our ranch
Babe, Breeze & Zilla

Monday, June 18, 2012


hi everyone - sorry for not posting for a couple of days, have had quite unusual events here. M fell and broke her hand.... :(  we headed home yesterday.... long 17 hour drive.. and when we got home, found out there is a huge fire about 2 miles from the ranch. fret not, we are okay, all the horses out of the area and to a safe place, my "pup" friends are with their pack leaders in Cripple Creek. All should be well, the winds will hopefully keep blow'n away from the ranches. give me a few days to get things together and M promises she will get all the barktastic photos off the cameras for me to post and catch up on your adventures too!
(btw friends... now she really knows the value of having two thumbs--- woofs)

Friday, June 15, 2012

busy as beavers...

wow, there are so many crites and bunnies around here that i can't even begin to count, and we got beavers too. although it is so dry here right now they don't have much water in the ponds. i have been really busy oversee'n M & S do'n chores, weed wack'n, clean'n up dead trees.... the stuff that humans feel they need to do. i've been fertilizing, dragg'n my sticks around, find'n the best spots to put them to chew on later. i started to help muck the horse poop... but S got all upset and had to stop that

went over to T & V stables and saw all the girls... wow did they get excited....had to tell me everything that has gone on since i last saw them, show me all the new foals. i was bushed when i got home...they have more energy than i do

will talk to everyone later, have got to go and walk the fence line again.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

very busy day

today was a very busy day, we had to drive into Cripple Creek to get some supplies and groceries. but i got to see my little friends, Echo & Penny... Penny was so funny, as soon as she got out of the car she jumped into the horse trough, then proceeded to give everyone a good sprinkling, Echo says she does that every time they come over to feed the horses. Molly & Skye stayed home, but i plan on visiting them at their ranch tomorrow. sorry M didn't have her camera with of the rare times.

my surprise!!!!! finally M dug it out my travel bag, i couldn't believe it.... it's an everlasting gloom-stopper, barksgalore. my favorite treat toy. and i get to keep it here so i will always have one when i come, just gotta remember to bring the treats.

later we walked around the pastures and aspen groves and i found the best stick, it was perfect, i tried several, but this was the stick for me this wonderful day. i can smell M cooking something delicious, so gotta go, it's gett 'n close to chow time.

Monday, June 11, 2012

we're here

we've arrived , now M has to figure just what spot in the house that we can get connected. we forgot that sometimes cell phone connection is NOT THERE! oops, i'll give her a day....then it's put the old, very old, win95, modem computer to work ARF?

update---found the spot, whew, now i gotta rest, that was a lot of work.



Sunday, June 10, 2012

long day....

it was 3:05. am and we all hopped in the car, at the last minute Bunnie wanted to take Octoball with us, so in he went too. M snapped a pic just before her and S jumped in and we we're off.

we made several important pit-stops and after 12 hours, yep you heard right, we finally made it to our favorite overnight stopping point, the Hotel Colorado, in Glenwood Springs. after a quick clean'n off of road grim we all headed down to the patio for a nice meal. (M puts on my service dog vest and tags so i can sit with them- i have to be very-very well behaved) after the meal we took a long "walkies" around the town and came back to the room.

since we are getting up before the crack of dawn....again... i will close for tonite- we have another 4 hours before we reach the ranch


until tomorrow with the "Tails of my Colorado Road Trip".

can you find Bunnie again? it will get harder each day....woof

Saturday, June 9, 2012

even bunnie gets a bath

even bunnie gets a bath, along with my collar and car-mat. M found a cool "app" for my iPad, it's called "blogsy" and this is a test. i took a picture of my stuff hang'n out to dry. now i can post all my ranch adventures and not wait until i get back. thanks M!

only few more hours to go, i can hardly wait..... hope everyone is having a gurrrrrrrrreat weekend. barks to all--- (ps~did you find bunnie?)

Friday, June 8, 2012

it's almost time...

M and i have been really busy gett'n ready... 1 day, 11 hours.... bark! we spent most of the morning get'n our bags ready, i was right there instructing M on everything i need to take. and thanks to my great friend Lois, i had a terrific new bag to put my food and treats in, it's the one she gave me last Christmas.

just as we were done, M snuck a special surprise into my bag, closed it up tight, and wouldn't let me see...the horror!!!

gotta go, have to get my bags to the garage with the rest of M and S's things so they don't forget mine, especially my surprise... M says i get to see it when we arrive at the ranch Monday morning...oh no, another thing i have to wait for...what's with these humans??

what do you think it is....?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

gett'n ready

 1. road-trip bath & pawdicure done~

 2. picking up some last minute trip necessities ~

 4 days, 19 hours & 29 minutes----  woof!

Sunday, June 3, 2012


 it's getting closer...i know it, M just told me i go see 
Tiffany tomorrow for a "go'n on a roadtrip" bath.... yippie! 
 i've got the keys.....